Acoustic Indie Pop Artist BeWildered Spills Plenty of Indulgent Melancholy with Debut Single “On and Off”

Up and coming Indie Pop artist BeWildered has recently made their debut with the single “On and Off”. It was a bold move to create such a drawn-out offering of dreamy acoustically driven alchemy for their first single, yet, it certainly paid off. The extended duration of the track may require an investment from the listener, yet On and Off is a single which offers plenty more than it takes.

Any fans of Glen Hansard, Radiohead and David Byrne definitely won’t want to hang around in putting BeWildered on their radar. The artist possesses a rare level of distinction within their soundscapes which allows the rhythmic pulses of the track to have you in a vice-like grip before the chorus even hits.

The progressions may feel slightly tentative in parts as you’re left with the acoustic guitar chords leading up to the full-bodied arrangements which come complete with melancholically raw striking violin strings. But each ebb and flow of momentum comes with a deft purpose; the varying vivacity of the notes feeds into the arrestive sombre tonality of On and Off depicting how emotion can fluctuate.

You can check out the debut single On and Off from BeWildered for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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