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LA singer Johnny Gas sings about love on ‘Airbnb’

LA singer Johnny Gas sings about longing love on his new single called ‘Airbnb‘.

Based in both Los Angeles, California and also Charlotte, North Carolina, this is a sexy song from the young singer. He wants us to see and hear his strong voice and the talent is for all to see.

You want her so much, the way she walks, the way she talks and the way she moves. She looks so wonderful in every way. She didn’t like you too much at first but that soon changed when she fell for your charm. You are now loving life as you are in the Airbnb and all is good. Times has evolved since that night but you always remember those great times.

Airbnb‘ from Johnny Gas is a sexy track that speaks about a memory that is so clear. This is a hot indie-pop song with R&B love sprinkled to make us all happy.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Trey Connor saunters in with indie-pop love letter ”The Way You Move”

Trey Connor is a 23 year old indie-pop-rock songwriter and guitarist from a small town close to Detroit in Michigan. Rising the music scene quickly since his debut at 13, Trey has written and released two EP’s with the band called “Punished For My Innocence” and “Here We Come”.

This new track ”The Way You Move” is taken off his latest release ”Horizons” and comes crashing in like a blue beach on a stunning summers day.

Now based in Austin, Texas- Trey is back with a hot new single to keep the pulses racing. This indie-pop served up in a star dusted love letter. Trey makes his mark here with his trademark voice that is clearly improving all the time. This is a love-story of love that is up and down. You care about each other but perhaps the timing isn’t quite there.

The Way You Move” by Trey Connor is an excellent single that is well-crafted and a pleasure to the tired ears and heart.

You can learn more about the journey here on Facebook.

Stream this new track right now on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Joshua slides in with deep pop house tingled ”Unorthodox”

Unorthodox is about embracing the unique qualities within yourself. I’ve never fit in a ‘box’ and have no ambition to. I have accepted that I may never be understood and that’s okay with me.”- Joshua

Indie singer-songwriter Joshua describes his music as ‘out there’ and ‘unpredictable’ with the overall message of always staying inclusive to all. The mix between sad lyrics and upbeat music shows Joshua’s formula of making the best out of a bad situation. This is escape music for our souls and the beat is always fresh.

Unorthodox” from Joshua is a lovely song and it showcases a very strong vocalist and man in general. He has had a tough time with people questioning him and this is a statement. This is a fiercely indie artist going down his own road and he loves every moment. With a fantastic voice and meaningful lyrics, Joshua is a real gem in the music scene and should be applauded for never backing down.

Stream this smooth house track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


William Moore trips in with lockdown-inspired ”Exponential”

You love her so much and care about her immensely. After being so close for these months, the cracks are starting to show and frustration has reached fever pitch levels of massive proportions. You feel like she is starting to lose herself in this lock down time and you are worried. Both of you are driving each other up the wall and you need a break. Badly. You need her though and are walking on egg-shells. What will be the outcome of this worrying tale?

New artist William Moore is in paranoid mood with his song ”Exponential”. The pandemic has hit record levels and both him and his lover are both losing it. This is a theme that is so common in 2020 and more of these stories are bound to emerge from the shadows.

This is a catchy pop song that totally sums up the years adventures. The year was supposed to be so much but ultimately was and is an absolute shambles. This is a good track and a new artist is born. Let’s hope that his girlfriend or wife doesn’t hear this otherwise he will be on the couch tonight if he isn’t already.

Stream this track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Seattle-based Audri is here with splendidly arranged ”Automatic”

Sometimes the feeling is just absolutely laser focused and automatic. You just know when you are attracted to someone and the spark can consume you. The first time I listened to this song I just knew I liked Audri. A lot. Her voice is smokey clear and with intoxicating power.

This is indie-pop with plenty of punch and perfectly percolated with methodical precision. Taken off the new EP titled Aud, put your hands together as one and turn Audri’s music up loud.

With a way of grabbing you by the soul but not in a pushy manner, Seattle native Audri dazzles with her new single. ”Automatic” is all about the first time your eyes meet with someone and the sparks fly off the earth like a furious welder. Her voice is so incredible and she brings us into the story expertly from a distance. There is no coincidence about this talent, she is here with a bang and we need to take note. I feel free while listening to Audri. The production is fantastic and blends in perfectly with her style and for the song’s purpose. We have just witnessed a breakthrough of a massive scale. Audri is on the rise and we need to tune in now.

Click here on Spotify for this song and more music from this fantastic young artist with the world at her feet.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Zachary Ray sings from the soul with loving ”Eyes on You”

With a story about love and heartbreak, we all struggle with our faith on occasions. The sad times that have engulfed our hostile planet make it hard to smile sometimes. Through music with a real message, we can lift up and be inspired.

Zachary Ray sings through it all and has kept a positive attitude no matter what. This is the kind of message that warms the heart and gives hope. This music teacher and performer uses his gifts to help others and this is a selfless man who just wants peace.

Zachary Ray has recently returned back from India and it was there where he met the love of his life. I feel like this song is about her and their child. ”Eyes on You” is a very touching song and shows his care and passion for their well-being. Zachary takes us on a whirlwind of a journey and throughout I was taken aback by his strong voice that lifts through the storm of 2020. This is the kind of music that needs to be blaring across speakers in parks and shops to remind all of us that it’s going to be okay, if we believe and stay united.

Stream this song and listen to all of this very talented singer here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Italia Shaniah shows the world her spellbinding voice in ”Mind Bound”

That beautiful moment is so rare, you can barely remember when it happens. Good things come to those who wait they say and my goodness, that saying is so right at this precise moment. Italia Shaniah has just taken my breath away and I think she will do the same to you.

A woman who is clearly very talented as she sings, plays the piano, dances and also is a guitarist. Italia Shaniah has just dropped her single ”Mind Bound”. This song is all about finding focus, slowing down and being patient for that moment that is coming. When is this moment you may ask? That is the point. We don’t really know. When it does come, you will know and you need to be ready. Have that conversation with yourself and get your mind right for this sacrifice will be worth it. For such a young woman, a realization like this is truly remarkable.

With police sirens in the background, I visualize Italia Shaniah to be looking outside her window at the world, confident in her abilities and getting ready for the next step of her career. ”Mind Bound” is one of the breakout tracks of 2020 as this cinematic experience portrays poise & class with a touch of reflection and maturity, which has been sent to us by Italia to keep our hearts warm and motivated, during this strange time in the planet around us.

YouTube is the place to hear the incredible talent that is Italia Shaniah.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Prepare to Lose Yourselves in the Concordant Resonance Found in Anika’s Latest Single Twilight Phase

Any fans of Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen are going to want to jump on the latest transfixing Indie Folk Pop release Twilight Phase from up and coming artist Anika.

Twilight Phase is a beguilingly reflective soundscape from start to finish. With ethereal resonance dripping from both the vocals and softly sonorous Indie instrumentals, you’ll get a double dose of calming, tension-stripping catharsis.

From the pace to the pitch, everything in Twilight Phase amplifies the immersive nature of the single. The North Carolina artist may only be 16 years old, but there’s already a maturity in her sound which some artists spend a lifetime trying to gain.

You can check out Twilight Phase for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Acoustic Indie Pop Artist BeWildered Spills Plenty of Indulgent Melancholy with Debut Single “On and Off”

Up and coming Indie Pop artist BeWildered has recently made their debut with the single “On and Off”. It was a bold move to create such a drawn-out offering of dreamy acoustically driven alchemy for their first single, yet, it certainly paid off. The extended duration of the track may require an investment from the listener, yet On and Off is a single which offers plenty more than it takes.

Any fans of Glen Hansard, Radiohead and David Byrne definitely won’t want to hang around in putting BeWildered on their radar. The artist possesses a rare level of distinction within their soundscapes which allows the rhythmic pulses of the track to have you in a vice-like grip before the chorus even hits.

The progressions may feel slightly tentative in parts as you’re left with the acoustic guitar chords leading up to the full-bodied arrangements which come complete with melancholically raw striking violin strings. But each ebb and flow of momentum comes with a deft purpose; the varying vivacity of the notes feeds into the arrestive sombre tonality of On and Off depicting how emotion can fluctuate.

You can check out the debut single On and Off from BeWildered for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast