Ace The AllStar releases modern rap track ‘2GOOD4ME’

Ace The AllStar is a rap artist with a stunning modern attitude. His beats are heavily inspired the crisp punch of trap, but his rap flow has more melody and edge. This song is quite atmospheric, with a lot of depths and great textures that are often not found in this kind of modern rap. Ace has the ability to rap and sing, showcasing great versatility and skills. His verses as sharp and edgy, while his hooks are melodic and hit the spot with some amazing vocal production. I particularly love the great vocal reverb tones in the vocals, which really add clarity and depth to the artist’s impeccable delivery.

The drum samples are really spot on. Most of the times, producers seem to simply use the same beat patterns, but this time, there was considerable attention in trying to achieve a unique sound for this release. The drum is deep and direct, and it does not sound just like a pre-set! The song has a punch, energetic and personal tone that really fits well with the artist’s unique delivery.

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