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Flying free: Ghost 27 drifts into our consciousness with the incredible ‘Time Is Up’

Turns into Ghosts‘ is the latest eleven track album from Ghost 27, as he drops an earth-gazing spaceship soundtrack, that will enlighten your mind called ‘Time Is Up‘.

Stephen Hopkins aka Ghost 27, is a mysteriously fascinating electronic producer, who makes the type of music that lifts you out of your slumber and awakens your senses with a breathtaking beat, that pushes all of the blood into your body again-as you dance wherever you are in the world. He has that rare gift of being able to mix a groove together, that makes your beat flutter with excitement.

With an illuminating glance at an atmospheric type of glow, this is a special experience that is a grumpy-to-happy instant mood changer. We are taken to a world that doesn’t really exist yet, unless we want it to.

The alt-electro feel give you a massive hug to the face, as you lift your head up and stride forward to capture your dreams and achieve what you know you can.

Time Is Up‘ from the deep thinker with a ear for creating incredible music named Ghost 27, formulates that transcendent ear-gasp, that has you turning off your phone, as you close your eyes and imagine being in space all by yourself. The world seems like it is falling apart, so why not let your mind wonder and cruise into the galaxy above for a while.

When life seems like it is crashing under like a sunken cruise ship, this is the perfect sound-relief to gather your thoughts again and drift free, with your eyes alive and ready to be inspired again.

Stream this hauntingly beautiful single on Spotify to witness this incredible talent at work.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cub\cub has captured the alienating chaos of lockdown in their feat of Ambient Electronica “False Spring”

Leeds, UK Artist and producer Cub\cub took a unique approach with their COVID-19-inspired latest release “False Spring”. The ambient soundscape captures the chaos and alienation with poignant precision.

With the hazy vocal whispers ethereally floating above the stylishly dreamy synths which carve quiescently consoling melodies, finding resolve in False Spring is all too easy.

As a fellow nihilist, I have to applaud Cub\cub’s tendency to orchestrate mixes containing optimism and hope while never leaving out the relatable dread and fear which resonates in their atmospheric sound.

You can indulge in the smooth ambience of False Spring yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yønah – she do it to me: Atmospheric Modern Chill Pop

I love it, overly love it, when I’m listening to a song that does not carry any lackluster parts that could be trimmed off. Not the all-lowercase lettering of the title track, not a single thing on the music production, even when it’s a wee bit cluttered. Everything falls in place here, forming a magnificent musical puzzle. Well done Yønah.

Yønah’s newest joint is called “she do it to me” and there’s a sample of birds chirping at its beginning and at before its end. The devil is in the details, however many times it is the beauty that also lies in the details too. This is a tune with a flawless, cluttered music production that is going to force you to add it to your Chill playlist on Spotify. And you’re not going to skip this for a really long time, take my word for it. Yønah’s singing is a bit whispery, but not Billie Eilish level of whispery. And those backing vocals during the chorus? Talking about fierce attention to detail.

In terms of numbers, “she do it to me” is crushing it on Spotify at the moment, as it should. You can listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Yana – Will You Be There: Atmospheric Indie Folk

Singer/songwriter Yana is back with another indie-folk chant to nurture your soul.

“Will You Be There” is another collaboration of Yana with pianist and vocalist Liam Ó Maonlaí resulting in another song that fills up the atmosphere with weary notes of the piano/guitar converge. The song provides the listener with a heavy feeling, one that is always fertile for some introspection. Even the track artwork gives away the same vibe, as it displays a park in late-autumn.

Yana is singing on this song, while Liam Ó Maonlaí’s piano interventions contribute a great deal to it. Her singing is slow, filled with solemnity, and imposing. Her guitar work on this song is delicate, tying a knot with the piano chords.

Overall this is a haunting acoustic guitar & piano-fueled song that can keep you company during the winter days (and winter nights).

Yana is based in Brno, a city in Czech Republic which is probably most famous for the thousands of Erasmus students it hosts every year. If for whatever reason you’re not an eligible Erasmus student, “Will You Be There” gives a representative feel of what Brno is like during winter.

Listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

AKH’s ‘Jungle Fever’ Is Dangerous, A Song Worth Hearing!

Electronic music has opened up so many expansive planes of creativity. Hip hop has evolved with the advent of auto-tuning and incredible leaps and bounds in the world of production and synthesis. Jungle Fever pulls together some of the most spectacular instrumentals in the game and uses them as a platform for Akh to portray his rise to what can only be described as inevitable stardom. Featuring talents from Antonio and Gaza, this song brings together pop culture references and strong modern compositional skills.

Jungle Fever is about pride in the hard work that’s come before and celebration of earned status, even when that’s symbolized by another person. Akh is surrounded by a beat that’s both deep and tight. His melodies are both atmospheric and close enough to feel dangerous. His flow is organic despite the electronic vibe of auto-tune. This is an artist who knows how to carry a song and Jungle Fever is a song worth hearing. With the constant strum and the whir of filtering, the song feels like it’s encompassed in the transitionary parts of pop music that keep music interesting. In this way, the song never loses itself to repetition. Akh is definitely an artist to keep tabs on.

-Paul Weyer


Opening up with a steady groove that immediately captivates the attention, in combination with luscious melodic phrases and a laid back vocal, Sabatino manages to create a very atmospheric vibe that really depicts living the good life. Apart from this, as the name suggests, there is a touch of Italian flare in the music which is also very prominent in the immersive music video featuring picturesque Italian views of the Mediterranean sea, making for a brilliant summer song.

Apart from interweaving lyrics in both English and Italian, “La Bella Vita”  features mellow percussions, smooth and atmospheric guitar phrases and most prominently a rich breathy vocal tone which colours the song with deep and dark notes as well as high and bright sonorities. What was particularly intriguing in fact was the bridge featuring vocal improvisation at a surprisingly high register, drowned in digital atmospheric effects which truly highlight Sabatino’s unique sense of musical aesthetic. Apart from being a well crafted fresh summer song, “La Bella Vita,” indeed has its own character which allows it to stand out from the rest.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Ace The AllStar releases modern rap track ‘2GOOD4ME’

Ace The AllStar is a rap artist with a stunning modern attitude. His beats are heavily inspired the crisp punch of trap, but his rap flow has more melody and edge. This song is quite atmospheric, with a lot of depths and great textures that are often not found in this kind of modern rap. Ace has the ability to rap and sing, showcasing great versatility and skills. His verses as sharp and edgy, while his hooks are melodic and hit the spot with some amazing vocal production. I particularly love the great vocal reverb tones in the vocals, which really add clarity and depth to the artist’s impeccable delivery.

The drum samples are really spot on. Most of the times, producers seem to simply use the same beat patterns, but this time, there was considerable attention in trying to achieve a unique sound for this release. The drum is deep and direct, and it does not sound just like a pre-set! The song has a punch, energetic and personal tone that really fits well with the artist’s unique delivery.