Orlando’s Jared Sylvia portrays the world right now with ‘Wake Me Up Tomorrow’

Jared Sylvia portrays the world right now with the relevant ‘Wake Me Up Tomorrow‘. This is inspired by the dumpster fire that is 2020 and is sung with such purpose.

Singer-songwriter Jared Sylvia is from Orlando in the USA and he sings on this catchy beat that sums up this crazy year. This is a worthwhile listen and you will connect with this one.

You feel like you are going to die young so it makes no difference what is happening today. You feel like tomorrow is going to be a better day and you miss that special person. You lust for them and without them you feel lost and not yourself. Will you be able to break from this and move on or stay in this state forever? You can’t sleep all the time however and need to snap out of this funk that you find yourself in. Or will you stay in this mode forever? Time will tell.

Jared Sylvia sings with such relevance on ‘Wake Me Up Tomorrow‘ and this indie-pop number is a great song in 2020. What a year it’s been right? This single will make you feel better as tomorrow should be a better day.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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