A New Talent Emerges: Transfixing Czech artist Niki Sabrina fascinates on her alt-pop debut ‘Validate’

Taken off her upcoming ‘Forever Misunderstood‘ five-track EP that is set for a 28th May 2021 release, Niki Sabrina stuns our senses awake on a debut track to certainly appreciate called ‘Validate‘.

Nicole Sabrina Stenzl aka Niki Sabrina, is a flourishing London-based bilingual eighteen years old indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, producer, Goldsmiths University student and multi-instrumentalist from the Czech Republic.

After being inspired by the tragically late-great Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album, the spark was set in stone when she was just fifteen, as her young heart gravitated massively towards making music for a living.

Her glorious voice is so enticing and has you listening super intently inside her soul, as she is so mysteriously spellbinding throughout and you feel engrossed with each word that comes out of her cleverly-worded lyrics.

Validate‘ from the Czech indie jazz-fused, pop singer-songwriter/producer Niki Sabrina, swirls into your mind like a fleeting memory that you have felt before. The catchy hook keeps you locked in, as you immerse yourself in a new talent who’s fresh energy and skillful vibrations, has you feeling excited to explore on this sultry single.

Stream this catchy new release on Spotify and see more visuals via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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