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You Never Used To Give In: Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter Remy Sher misses that last dance in ‘Paris’

Following on from his terrific ‘Fool’s Gold EP‘ from 2020, Remy Sher is absolutely stunning on his latest single all about that sad heartbreak that just can’t be repaired like before on ‘Paris‘.

Remy Sher is an eighteen years-young soulful indie-folk/rock solo musician, nature lover, and impressive multi-instrumentalist from mountainous Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. He makes that classic sound from a peaceful place which is influenced from all the world class artists who have come from his area, as he sings with such a tremendously likable style.

A self-produced indie-folk tearjerker, Sher blends acoustic guitar with warm harmonies and synthesizers”. ~ Remy Sher

This is one of those warm and resplendent listens that shows you into his beating heart, as Remy Sher lovingly takes us on a road-trip through his understandable emotions – to a place which shows us what happened – when they were supposed to be together forever. The lost love blew away like the gushing wind, as he is left to pick up the pieces and mend his fences which have been broken from being let down, so that he may open up his soul again.

Paris‘ from the incredibly skilled and youthful Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles indie-folk/rock singer-songwriter Remy Sher, is the sad story about wishing you could of had that romantic stroll in one of the most romantic cities in the world. You recall looking for those elusive fairies together and being so close – however the long distance away from each other took such a heavy toll after a while – and you couldn’t quite bring it together no matter how hard you tried.

Love can be so harsh sometimes, especially if it means more for the one person than the other.

Stream this fab new single on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A New Talent Emerges: Transfixing Czech artist Niki Sabrina fascinates on her alt-pop debut ‘Validate’

Taken off her upcoming ‘Forever Misunderstood‘ five-track EP that is set for a 28th May 2021 release, Niki Sabrina stuns our senses awake on a debut track to certainly appreciate called ‘Validate‘.

Nicole Sabrina Stenzl aka Niki Sabrina, is a flourishing London-based bilingual eighteen years old indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, producer, Goldsmiths University student and multi-instrumentalist from the Czech Republic.

After being inspired by the tragically late-great Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album, the spark was set in stone when she was just fifteen, as her young heart gravitated massively towards making music for a living.

Her glorious voice is so enticing and has you listening super intently inside her soul, as she is so mysteriously spellbinding throughout and you feel engrossed with each word that comes out of her cleverly-worded lyrics.

Validate‘ from the Czech indie jazz-fused, pop singer-songwriter/producer Niki Sabrina, swirls into your mind like a fleeting memory that you have felt before. The catchy hook keeps you locked in, as you immerse yourself in a new talent who’s fresh energy and skillful vibrations, has you feeling excited to explore on this sultry single.

Stream this catchy new release on Spotify and see more visuals via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen