A message of hope with ‘Music’ from singer-songwriter Sarah Shoumer

Young singer Sarah Shoumer returns with her stunning singing ability on her new indie pop-electronic song called ‘Music‘. Music does indeed keep us strong.

Sarah Shoumer is a tenacious 15-year-old multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who has a positive and hopeful outlook on life. She wants to be a strong role model for young girls around the world and be a charismatic leader of change. For this we can be very grateful as there are a lack of visible role models in our world right now.

Music that heals all is the message here. Staying positive throughout despite the dark roads sometimes. This is our life and we need to stay strong. Luckily music helps our soul heal and push through any obstacle that arrives.

Currently, Sarah is finishing her debut EP which hosts a variety of her best ever songs. However, she recently released a Holiday song, ‘Secret Santa‘ which was her debut single. This is a young singer who is just getting started and her music inspires so much. Sarah Shoumer gives us hope in 2020 with ‘Music‘.

Stream this scrumptiously stunning song from Sarah here on Spotify.

Find out more about this young artist on her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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