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Sorry Little Sharky – Beauty in Futility: Cavernously Absorbing Alt Pop

Beauty in Futility” is the latest vocally-led Art Pop single from singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Sorry Little Sharky, it’s also one of the most arcane singles which have fallen into our ears in 2020.

Not everyone’s larynx is capable of exuding haunting mesmerism, but perceptibly, Stef Schultz’s is. Even if Beauty in Futility was an acapella track, you’d still be absorbed by the cavernous feel to her vocal stretches. But alas, it is not, the deft instrumentals and effects find the perfect way to compliment her vocals in the playfully compelling composition which her vocals consistently dominate.

You can check out the official lyric video to Beauty in Futility by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


HÆRT returns with the soulful ‘Let It Sail’

HÆRT returns with the soulful ‘Let It Sail‘ that brings forth some fantastic vocals in this electronic-pop dazzler.

It feels like we have just sailed over the ocean to hearty delight. The song, constructed with love and meaning, we are now at peace. Sometimes, we have to let it go and set the heart free again. Things were good for a while but now things have to come to an end otherwise more pain will rear it’s ugly head.

Let It Sail‘ from HÆRT is a song about letting it all go. You don’t want to keep hold of anything for too long otherwise you will get too comfortable. This is a fine song with fantastic production. With a vivid story, we are placed in this great story with the mixture of genres all in one. This is a track made with love and you learn a different part of life.

Stream here for the new track on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Johannesburg producer HYMR impresses on futuristic marvel ‘Artificial Intelligence’

The City of Gold in South Africa is the home of producer HYMR and he returns to wave the flag of his country proudly on electro road-trip ‘Artificial Intelligence‘.

Written as a musical abstract painting, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ is the latest album to come from South African producer HYMR. Considering technology as both a solution and threat, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ focuses on fundamental issues affecting the world and mainly the threat of pollution and climate change.

A self taught pianist, HYMR has been seeking out music from a young age. He loved playing pianos anywhere he could find them- in school, in shops and in hostels.

The highlights on this album in my eyes are definitely ‘Polluted Planet‘, ‘Here We Are‘ and ‘We Belong Together‘. The production is extra special here and the music takes you into a new world. I close my eyes and imagine the world in a better place, away from all the destruction that it faces.

Johannesburg producer HYMR takes us on a wild journey through the ups and downs of AI and the way he has constructed ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ is quite impressive. With the troubles in his home country, South Africa should be proud of this fantastic producer who will surely be getting lots of calls about festivals in 2021.

Stream the new album right here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Thank You for Your Complaints’ is a wave crashing journey from Emilya ndMe

Thank You for Your Complaints‘ from Emilya ndMe is a riveting listen and definitely the most cinematic song of the year so far.

Emilya ndMe is the stage name of the talented Lauretta Galeno is a songwriter from Genoa in Italy. with several collaborations and appearances on prestigious Italian stages. A producer, performer and songwriter, this is one incredible musician and creative.

Ethereal electronic pop is the feel here, the haunting sound catches your attention and you first turn on the song. You just know something special is going to happen.

Thank You for Your Complaints‘ from Italian native Emilya ndMe is the final single from her album of the same name and the standard is so high the whole way through. I love how her vocals are capable of anything and this is pure music to support. The crystal clear voice takes me into a whole new world of self-discovery.

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Stream this new song here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A message of hope with ‘Music’ from singer-songwriter Sarah Shoumer

Young singer Sarah Shoumer returns with her stunning singing ability on her new indie pop-electronic song called ‘Music‘. Music does indeed keep us strong.

Sarah Shoumer is a tenacious 15-year-old multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who has a positive and hopeful outlook on life. She wants to be a strong role model for young girls around the world and be a charismatic leader of change. For this we can be very grateful as there are a lack of visible role models in our world right now.

Music that heals all is the message here. Staying positive throughout despite the dark roads sometimes. This is our life and we need to stay strong. Luckily music helps our soul heal and push through any obstacle that arrives.

Currently, Sarah is finishing her debut EP which hosts a variety of her best ever songs. However, she recently released a Holiday song, ‘Secret Santa‘ which was her debut single. This is a young singer who is just getting started and her music inspires so much. Sarah Shoumer gives us hope in 2020 with ‘Music‘.

Stream this scrumptiously stunning song from Sarah here on Spotify.

Find out more about this young artist on her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Lovelast helps us escape with Indie-Electronic ”Afterglow”

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. For whatever reason, be it timing, feelings or miscommunication, it’s a sad and unfortunate time. There is one positive and that is the afterglow. The memories and lessons we have learnt from each other. However they are remembered, we must carry those onto the next human we care for.

Afterglow” is all about the sad disintegration of love that was once so strong and seemed like it would be forever.

Formed in Houston, Texas, Lovelast is the indie pop lovechild of the singer-songwriter Chase Rutherford-Jenkins. Now based in San Francisco, his music feels like it should be in a motivational video, as it has that feel and connection.

We are guided all the way by the tranquil beat and stunning backdrop in this song and the story is quite sad but inspiring at the same time. The beat is tremendous and I felt like I was flying in the clouds, in a somber and reflective mood. ”Afterglow” is a fantastic song, deep in story and packed full with a towering ending that is mightily impressive.

Click on the SoundCloud link for more inspirational music from this super talented artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen




Pop Meets Darkwave in Skull Smith’s Latest Single “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde”

There were many saccharine love songs released on Valentine’s day. Up and coming artist Skull Smith’s Gothically romantic release “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde” certainly was never in danger of falling into that category.

With lyrics revolving around the ghost of someone’s shadow-side, naturally, the single was a darkly tantalising tale.

The Ghost of Mr. Hyde doesn’t fall into the usual realms of Industrial or Synthwave. Instead, through Skull Smith’s Pop-style vocals mixed with the progressive instrumentals, you’re treated to a soundscape which is far more theatrical.

From ethereal organs to sonic blasts of almost psychedelic synths which would be fitting in a Rock Opera you’ll find a smorgasbord of influence in The Ghost of Mr. Hyde. Evidently, Skull Smith isn’t an artist who concerns themselves with genre constraints.

The instrumentals may be consistently progressive. Yet, one thing which remains as a constant is the captivating nuanced draw of Skull Smith’s effortless vocal harmonies. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those with darker aural inclinations will undoubtedly appreciate what Skull Smith has to offer.

You can check out Skull Smith’s latest single for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Twink Privilege – Daddy: An Atmospheric Ode to 80s Darkwave Electronica

Even in 2020, heteronormative tracks dominate the airwaves. So, it’s incredibly refreshing to come across an artist such as the Alt Electronic Pop act Twink Privilege.

Their most recent release “Daddy” is an atmospheric ode to the 80s Darkwave sound with plenty of contemporary textures thrown in to give Daddy a potent serving of contemporary magnetism.

Once you’re immersed within the gentle melodic electronic rhythms, Daddy becomes a captivating almost transcendentally danceable soundscape. The lyrics give a nuanced nod to a relationship dynamic that we may not all share, but you can still feel the raw, unadulterated passion all the same.

With the stylishly smoky and smooth production, hypnotic vocals, and intricately mesmeric beats, Daddy stands as a testament to the talent of Twink Privilege which we hope to hear more of in 2020.

You can check out the official music video which premiered on February 5th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast