A.K.A. The Truth – Not Empty: When the East Coast always remains a reliable production hub

Do you know that feeling when a track hits you in guts within the first 5 seconds? From the very first synth bass note drop, A.K.A. The Truth’s new track Not Empty embraced me with a sparkling captivating flow.

The East Coast always remains a reliable production hub when it comes to hip hop in all of its forms, whether it’s for the metrics, the sound precision, the rhythmic rap bars that fall perfectly on the tempo, or all the above, these fellas have an innate gift for creating catchy flows and stimulating beats.

Raised in Buffalo, NY, A.K.A. The Truth keeps the above statement true, and puts forward a creative collage of sound and rhythm in the name of an innovative mixture of rap and R&B, for which Not Empty is a living example. And it’s now part of my Feeling way better Spotify playlist!

Check out Not Empty on Spotify but do not hesitate to go through all of the artist’s other efforts.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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