Mochi Robinson – Brooklyn ’73: Inventively Sublime Instrumental Electro-Indie

Strawberry Jam by Mochi Robinson

For me, Jazz soundscapes have always felt like watching a Japanese horror film with no subtitles. It’s there, I can hear it, but what I hear doesn’t really resonate. Yet, the Santa Clarita-based recording artist Mochi Robinson constructed his latest album “Strawberry Jam” to allow the genre to become more accessible than ever. “Brooklyn ’73” is just one of the lucidly constructed tracks to feature on Mochi’s inventively sublime Electro-Indie Jazz-influenced album.

The instrumentals start off from a tentative pace, before the percussion really takes hold to create one of the blissful yet simultaneously discordant arrangements I’ve potentially ever heard. By the time Brooklyn ’73 start to draw to a close there’s a chaotic vibrancy ringing throughout the progression. There’re not many artists with the ability to make you feel the same energy that they’re putting into the instrumentals, but Mochi Robinson is certainly one of them.

You can check out Mochi Robinson’s latest single Brooklyn ’73 out for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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