A 90’s classic reborn: Alex Kreid drops lockdown influenced single ‘Mysterious Times’

Alex Kreid is a 90’s head and he was so inspired during these wild lock down times to remix ‘Mysterious Times‘ as it perfectly projects how the whole world is feeling right now.

This track was originally released in 1998 by Sash! (ft. Tina Cousins) and this is probably one of the best dance songs of its generation. The fitting ode to this classic is a wonderful addition to a strange year that has in some ways, forced musicians to re-look at the way they do things, in order to make sure that they can remain productive while venues are mostly bolted shut.

The earthy atmospheric start catches the mood of the year as the build lifts and lifts gradually as the vocals become even more spooky than before. This is a remix that has been recreated to fit our current times, which is a welcome sound as most covers try and copy the original completely.

His vocals transforms the speakers and you sit back and try to soak up what is currently going on outside. With some countries doing great with the pandemic and others poorly, you realize that we have to stay strong and re-invent ourselves in order to survive.

Mysterious Times‘ from Bristol based singer-songwriter Alex Kreid is a reboot of the classic 90’s song and this is a fitting tribute to this wonderful tune that has been re-imagined with such skill and quality, to make us all tip the cap and appreciate a quality dance track.

Raise your heartbeat on Spotify and see more from this talented producer on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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