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Timothy and the Apocalypse’s Love in Stereo Remix will leave you in a euphonic utopia

Timothy and the Apocalypse’s most popular single to date, Love in Stereo, which has racked up a quarter of a million streams on Spotify to date and worked its way into seminal chillwave, deep house delight and electronic chillout playlists, has been masterfully reworked by the electronica phenomenon in his own right, Erik Buschmann.

With the dark and nuancedly despondent glitchy elements dialled back to make way for the more transcendently deep textures (it’s a paradox, we know), the new reworking delivers a dreamy new universe of depth that will leave you as high as the ever-ascending melodies.

If it weren’t the ethereally reprising whispers of ‘our love is in stereo’ bringing you back down to amorous earth, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d ventured into a celestial videogame with a cathartically directive soundtrack when you hit play.

The Erik Buschmann Remix hit the airwaves on the 18th of August; stream it on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

90s Nostalgia meets the future of house in the Freshcobar & Golden Girl Remix of ‘Missing’.

Freshcobar & Golden Girl gave the iconic 1994 hit, Missing by Everything But the Girl the house treatment in their entrancing new remix that is set to drop on all major platforms on April 28th. The indie guitars have been stripped-back to make room for the big beats, even bigger drops, and the colossal atmosphere that cloaks the remix drenches you in nostalgia while allowing you to simultaneously sample the future of house music.

The Missing Remix is the third single from the producer Freshcobar and the San Diego vocalist Golden Girl. Together, they reincarnated the 90s classic hit with far more intensity and fervour than the original contained, but the vocal mystique is right on brand. The deserts may have missed the rain, but my God, the dancefloors will have also missed this hit. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re reimagining and enlivening the soundtracks to our youth.

The remix will launch via NOS Recordings; check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ziggy Sound returns with a sterling soundtrack to embrace on Life (Artee Remix)

After returning from the darkness recently with a superb single, Ziggy Sound returns with an explosive remix to surge sweetly inside with the much-awaited Life (Artee Remix).

Ziggy Sound is a prolific Vilnius, Lithuania/LA, California-hailing indie singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and business student who makes memorable soundtracks to heal with.

After blessing us with the visuals for Bring Me Back To Life recently, Ziggy Sound loves to see his lover smile and we are just along for the ride. Shining back to this world after being so lost for so long, we find a reinvigorated soul who projects his voice rather inspiringly.

Life (Artee Remix) from Vilnius, Lithuania indie singer-songwriter Ziggy Sound is a rebooted version of a memorable song. Sung with joyous liveliness, this is a stunning effort to feel alive and to change the course of destiny.

Fueling our emotions and with an extra juicy beat to get excited about, we are enthused to the core by a hugely talented creative who is only improving through time.

Listen up on YouTube. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BISH gave Shakira’s ‘Whenever’ a trancey rework in his luminous remix

Whenever by Shakira will forever be one of the greatest hits in pop history; it has spawned countless remixes, including the trancey revival by the San Francisco producer and DJ, BISH.

The up-and-coming artist and professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants made the most of his time away from the field during lockdown by working on his production skills, which transpired from learning the piano at a young age. It is safe to say that the time locked away in his home studio was well spent on the basis of Whenever.

Bringing the heat from his hometown, Whenever is radiant under BISH’s touch, which is highly influenced by his idol. Kygo. We can’t wait to hear where he takes his melodic brand of dance music next.

Stream BISH’s remix of Whenever via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dinje x Mason Dane bring in the tropic heat with their confessionally candid indie-pop hip hop track, Wish I Knew

For his latest single, Dinje handed the Sydney hip hop pop veteran Mason Dane the production reigns and created the ultimate urban earworm from the remix of Wish I Knew.

For anyone sick of the insinuation that summer vibes always help us fall head over heels in an idyllic relationship, the raw honesty against the exotic indie hip hop instrumentals will be more refreshing than your preferred summer poison. The Spanish guitars around the cleverly glitchy distortions in the mix that reflect the visceral nature of our innate frustration in the absence of clarity is infectious from the first hit. On the basis of Wish I Knew, both of their futures in the industry are set to be luminary. We can’t wait to hear what else is in the pipeline.

Wish I Knew will officially release on March 25th; you can check it out for yourselves on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Progressive House ‘Never Felt So Good’ than in Vekken’s Latest Single, Featuring Brooke Telling

One of the fastest ascending rising stars in the progressive house scene, Vekken, has gone interstellar with their vibrant floor-filler, Never Felt So Good, which celebrates visceral emotion while instilling it in the entrancing breaks and dizzying drops.

With Brooke Telling’s euphoria-teasing vocal timbre against the deftly orchestrated progressions that prove that Vekken knows just how to take rhythmic control with his mixes, Never Felt So Good will undoubtedly be one of the biggest EDM drops of 2022. No matter how many people continue to sleep on his colossal sound.

Never Felt So Good has hit the airwaves before, but not with the massive production behind this strident reimagining that keeps to the same script of compelling the listener to jump back into life with gratitude for the big things and the small. If you’ve been carrying excess misery baggage since lockdown ended, do yourself a favour and hit play.

Never Felt So Good was officially released on February 18th. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Let’s Get It: Bennett sees it going down on ‘Lightning’ (Remix) (feat. Quick)

After longing for that lustful romance to start up on his previous single ‘Right Back To You (feat. YRU VEXxD), Bennett sparks up our imagination on his new track called ‘Lightning(Remix) (feat. Quick).

Bennett (formerly E. Bennett), is a transgender singer-songwriter and rapper who was raised in busy New York City, USA.

After starting out as a Justin Bieber impersonator back in 2012, you can really feel the progression in his career and this might be the best single yet from his highly determined artist with big dreams.

Growing up transgender was not easy and what made it easier was having music with emotional and heartfelt lyrics to be able to express what I could not.” ~ Bennett

Bennett is on fire with this new remix and shows us his vocal chops, which are such a speaker-booster and remind you that dynamic romance is waiting for you whenever your soul is ready to be connected again. On a fiery beat and smooth raps to snack on, there is so much heat going around that you might need to open a window to cool things down.

Lightning(Remix) (feat. Quick) from the NYC transgender indie singer-songwriter and rapper Bennett, is a caress-filled track that has you thinking that you need to turn up the volume, no matter what the weather is outside. This is the story about that hot and steamy encounter that you can’t get enough of and vow to keep alive for as long as possible. Sometimes you just know, when it’s the right person for you.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see his progression on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Will You Wait For Me: Lovely Virgina Beach artist Kate Gala knows that ‘Life Flies By’ (Pray For Me Remix)

As she looks into the splendidly clear sky above to question who is going to stick with her on this exciting journey, Kate Gala sings with such a meditative passion of emotion on her remix of ‘Life Flies By‘.

Kate Gala is a free-spirited Virginia Beach-born indie-EDM solo artist, model and mental health advocate, who sings with the gushing winds at her sails with stories about love and finding her true path in this rather confusing world.

A light-hearted individual with ambition, Kate began writing songs in high school as an outlet to cope with teenage struggles, bringing that passion with her through her college and young adult years.” ~ Kate Gala

Kate Gala has a magnificently alluring style that is so lovable and free – as her stunning voice is one that you won’t easily forget – as she takes you to a new sense of thought that washes all over you like a cosy hot bubble bath in winter.

Life Flies By(Pray For Me Remix) from the highly promising Virginia Beach-born indie-EDM solo artist and model Kate Gala, is a sizzling track that heats up your mind and takes you to a whole new world of deep thought. This is the true story about reflecting during a quiet time as to who your tribe is after all, and who is just around for their own selfishly greedy reasons.

Hear this fine new track on her Soundcloud and see more of her life via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zazen gave FAULHABER’s ‘Go Ahead Now’ a bass-drenched future house feel with his remix.

Washington DC hailing artist and producer Zazen made the basslines even deeper in his remix of the world-renowned Dutch DJ and EDM producer FAULHABER’s seminal single, Go Ahead Now. The original was a fine feat of Euro-dance; under Zazen’s production, the track became infinitely more captivating with the ominous layers of reverb over dark tones and the breaks that became infinitely more extreme.

Since 2012, the independent artist, Zazen, has become renowned for his dynamic style that fuses future house with hard kicks and clean bass lines. For anyone who likes their EDM on the filthier side, you’ll find plenty of playlist stapes in his collection of original tracks and remixes.

You can stream Zazen’s remix of Go Ahead Now via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Doyle put his uplifting indie-pop touch on Starley’s ‘Arms Around Me’.

For his latest release, the up and coming London-based artist Doyle put his uplifting touch on the iconic track, Arms Around Me by Starley. By all accounts, Arms Around Me was the perfect summer dance-pop anthem before the remix, under Doyle’s melodic manipulation, the track started to emanate quintessential indie-pop vibes, making the lyrics even more intimate and the vocals infinitely more endearing.

With his debut album expected to drop in 2022, you should leave ample space on your radar for the bedroom artist and producer.

You can check out Doyle’s entrancing remix of Arms Around Me via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast