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Giovan has made a haunting debut with ‘Listen to My Demons’ featuring Aria Chablis King.

‘Listen to My Demons’ is the hauntingly introspective debut single from LA alt-indie artist Giovan. The tender ballad pulls in neo-classic nuances that run right alongside contemporary, artful styling that we hope will become synonymous with the Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter’s sound.

Listen to My Demons is easily the best duet released since Alex Cameron’s collaboration with Angel Olsen. Aria Chablis King’s quiescently vulnerable vocals bring an intense depth to the release. You won’t get much choice when it comes to falling into the pensive command of the release that is constructed with intricate piano progressions and layered vocals that conceptually never harmonise.

Giovan orchestrates music to help pull people through the hardest times in their lives; it is safe to say he succeeded in his debut. The way he brings beauty to the raw and alienating concept of your demons being your only friends amplifies the signal that you are never alone in your loneliness. Our superficial reality practically enforces it. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for his sophomore release.

Listen to My Demons will officially release on June 25th; you can check it out for yourselves via Spotify or Giovan’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

“Be My Blue Sky” by Meine Stille: A Serene Melodic Journey

Meine Stille gracefully entrances listeners with their ethereal and sparse composition, “Be My Blue Sky.” The opening notes immediately transport the audience into a realm of tranquillity, reminiscent of the meditative soundscape of artists like Misha Kolesoski. The delicate combination of guitar and piano creates a heartfelt and enchanting atmosphere, showcasing Meine Stille’s exceptional musical sensibilities.

The track unfolds with a sense of serenity, allowing space for contemplation and introspection. The sparse instrumentation adds to the song’s meditative quality, with each note carefully placed to evoke a feeling of stillness and calm. Meine Stille’s masterful guitar playing radiates sincerity and beauty, perfectly complemented by the gentle piano melodies. The seamless integration of these two instruments creates a harmonious and captivating sonic experience.

“Be My Blue Sky” demonstrates Meine Stille’s ability to create a soundscape that transports listeners to a place of inner reflection. The soothing ambience of the composition invites listeners to pause and immerse themselves in the delicate melodies, finding solace and peace in the music.

Meine Stille’s social media presence enhances the connection between the artist and their audience. Through platforms such as Instagram (@meinestillemusic) and Facebook (Meine Stille), fans have the opportunity to engage with the artist’s creative process and gain deeper insights into their musical journey. Additionally, the availability of their music on Bandcamp ( allows supporters to directly support the artist by purchasing their work.

“Be My Blue Sky” is a testament to Meine Stille’s talent for crafting introspective and captivating compositions. With their sparse and ethereal sound, they deliver a melodic journey that resonates deeply with the listener. Meine Stille’s ability to blend guitar and piano seamlessly demonstrates their skill as a musician and composer.

In conclusion, “Be My Blue Sky” by Meine Stille is a captivating and meditative piece of music. The combination of sparse instrumentation, heartfelt guitar playing, and delicate piano melodies creates a serene soundscape that invites listeners to embrace stillness and find solace in its beauty. Meine Stille’s ability to evoke a sense of tranquillity through their music is truly remarkable, making this track a compelling addition to any contemplative playlist.

THISMINORITY mediates through the cold souls of his dastardly demons on ‘MEDI’

Showing that he is ready for the next step of his life after many years inside his own head, THISMINORITY is rather incredible on this new single to shake your ears awake like John Wick, ready for a rampage on ‘MEDI‘.

THISMINORITY aka Theo Minori is a mysteriously masked indie Hip hop artist who performs under a pseudonym to add to his thought-provoking enigma.

This PLACE being one of SELF LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Took me a long time to find the love that is the foundation and explanation for why I create I create what I create.” ~ THISMINORITY

Guiding us through hardcore rhymes that seem to shatter all the glass barriers you have put up inside yourself without even realizing it, THISMINORITY shows us a level of lyrical skill that has been hiding away for too long. His self-enlightened aura seems to grab your soul and wake it up from that pandemic slumber that has closed your eyes when you needed to be awake the whole time.

The reason This Minority’s face is hidden is not because of fear— it’s to show change, the metamorphosis out of the shell. A shell that was filled with inherited insecurities and generations of untouched potential. This change will inspire moments that will enhance revolutions.” ~ THISMINORITY

MEDI‘ from the underground Hip hop artist THISMINORITY is a devastatingly extraordinary song that shows us it’s possible to win the war inside your head, if you click into action when you’re ready to fulfill your destiny. Slicing his demons into half like a true samurai – this is a ninja-like experience – that might send your mind into overdrive. With a fierce mentality that knows that he is better than those sad small-minded folks who just try to bring you down to their sewage-smelling levels, this might the track your ears have been craving for all year.

When your eyes open at the precise time they need to, you know you’re ready for more than the scraps you have eaten before.

Listen up to this new day-changing single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

VALLEY GRL wishes those brain-filled demons would evaporate forever on, ‘Lost In My Head’

Taken off her brand new 6-track album called ‘You Had To Be There‘, VALLEY GRL knows that she needs to clear her mind quickly before all the toxic juices drown her underwater on, ‘Lost In My Head‘.

VALLEY GRL is a small-town Northern California-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie anti-pop solo singer-songwriter who makes a seductive blend of music that shakes your core each time.

As a child VALLEY GRL was in the school chorus and musical theater shows. Although she had no professional training in music she always knew it was something that she wanted to do.” ~ VALLEY GRL

Sizzling with her enchanting style that has you totally captivated throughout this heart-beating track, VALLEY GRL might be one of the most thrilling artists around. She is totally herself and doesn’t pretend to be anyone else at all like so many do, as she stuns our earlobes with an incredible effort that is simply excellent.

Lost In My Head‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie anti-pop solo singer-songwriter VALLEY GRL is an honest release from one of the most creative souls you will hear today. Her luscious vocals are dynamic and packed with a punch that wakes you up quickly, as her smartly-penned lyrics take you into her over-flowing mind. This is a single that so many of us will truly understand, as the noise buzzes like a garden service that just won’t stop.

Listen up to this gorgeous new single on Spotify and see her vibe via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LT Madz rides through the low times on ‘Watch My Crown Fly’ (feat. Pendo46)

As he slips through the snow-filled roads to find a higher meaning for his life, LT Madz wasn’t sure if he would be breathing but has turned the corner and shows us his tight rhymes on his latest release, ‘Watch My Crown Fly’ (feat. Pendo46).

Marcel Maden aka LT Madz is a Manchester, UK-based underground Hip hop artist who grew up in Hulme and has had a tough life growing up while struggling with his mental health at times.

This is the cinematic-like portrayal of rising about the clouds to find that clean air that sets you free, LT Madz shows us his hard-working attitude and delves into his mind to show us the trauma that almost broke him in half. After keeping his optimistic attitude even though it could have been easier to let the demons win, this is a resolute track that should fill you with hope.

Watch My Crown Fly(feat. Pendo46) from Manchester, UK-based Hip hop artist LT Madz is a bar-loaded display from a true underdog who has worked his way from letting those ghouls take control to now dominating his thoughts with only good energy. There is a comeback mentality that is easy to root for, as we see an artist who is on the way up now after previously being close to death as he was locked up and close to the brink of defeat. After washing his face in the sink and vowing to change his story, this is a track for anyone who fears that they might never make it when actually you can if you really want to win.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud and join his social ride on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cold Wind: Salt Lake City-based Fearless Union shows us those endless nights on ‘Shadow of My Grave’

Ravaging our delicate souls with a mightily strong display from a character piece about the leader of a revolution, Fearless Union drops a track from his well-built 12-track release ‘The Supreme Leader‘ with an intensely strong effort on ‘Shadow of My Grave‘.

Fearless Union is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop act which was formed by Brent Walker who is also a writer and music producer.

Brent’s music draws from a series of original stories based on a sci-fi fantasy world steeped in mythology. “The Supreme Leader” represents the first of those stories, and focuses on spirituality (pain, death, and hope) to bring to life the strengths and flaws of its titular character.” ~ Fearless Union

Fearless Union shakes the nucleus of our vein-popping hearts with a stunning display that has been made with a real show of strength. This is a highly-evolving artist who makes that entertaining music – that is such a wondrous listen – and filled full with a really outstanding beat that grabs you close and never lets go for a second.

Shadow of My Grave‘ from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop solo artist Fearless Union, is a bass-slamming experience that is so naturally stimulating and helps us challenge all of those fears inside our enthralled heart. There is much love and care blown through from the darkness here, to help all of us get through whatever demons we have plastered to our fragile skin.

Check out this fine new single via Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Start: Italian singer Luca calmly brushes off his demons to find that right path on ‘Yet/Still’

After unnecessarily worrying about others drama-filled burdens and not following his own dreams, Luca starts his heart-enlightening chapter one to be truly happy in what he is pursuing with ‘Yet/Still‘.

Luca Nesciobelli aka Luca, is a deeply thoughtful The Netherlands-born, Germany-raised, Italian-bred indie RnB singer-songwriter. He has a clear picture of what he wants to portray to the world and prefers to let his music do the talking on his behalf.

He‘s here on a mission. This mission is also not something to be spoken about greatly, he would much rather just take you by the hand and embark on a journey with you and anyone who will join him. Step on the ship, it‘s gonna be a long and great ride.” – Luca

You feel his dreamy-cool vocals simmer through like a smokey chimney, his kind mind is ready and just needs that final push to do whatever he wishes. His tremendous tone is backed organically by a breathless beat and calm piano, as he tackles his demons down like a perfect Paolo Maldini tackle to win in injury time. With some smartly edged raps too, this is so good to listen to, as you will want a second listen.

Yet/Still‘ from the soulfully joyful Italian indie RnB singer Luca, is his reflection on the struggle of aiming for the stars up above – but yet standing still for now at the same time – as he carefully works out how to achieve his greatest desires, You feel like he knows where the slippery key is, and just needs to search a bit more so that he may be free where it matters most. His beating heart awaits this moment of pulsating excitement, when he reaches that destination. This is just the beginning.

Hear this new single that shows his progression via Soundcloud and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Recorded and produced while in lockdown on canal boat in Leicestershire; Folk artist Calum Read inspires us with ‘’Demons’’

Her voice is stuck in my head. What a sad but inspirational story this is. This is what real music is, in the grand scheme of life. A true Folk singer-songwriter who makes music to express his pain about a close one’s heart-breaking suicide and the after effects emotionally, that are attached forever to such a traumatic experience. 

Manchester’s ‘Calum Reed’ has found solitude on a canal boat during this terrible pandemic and has made inspirational music to escape the madness and give us a piece of beauty to enjoy. 

Calum had very little resources but wanted it badly enough, so made it happen somehow with the support of family and friends closest to him. This is the 3rd track from his debut release, ‘’Long Cool Girl EP’’ and it’s a beautiful song, full of emotion and realness. I found my eyes watering up while listening to ‘’Demons’’. The passion in the track is clear to see and it was so well executed. Well 

I hope to meet Calum one day soon and see his boat Long Cool Girl that he has been living on. Calum seems like a guy with incredible stories and with his soulful voice and music, I’m rooting for his success, no matter where or what it is. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

AYE FIB – “My LIFESTYLE” MVMIX Finally Found Its Groove

AYE FIB’s new album is all shades of awesomeness. The songs in the album are perfectly placed in the archive of Hip-hop and Rnb genre. The album, however, just like most other hip-hop songs have many explicit languages that are used in it but it’s got quite a lot of nice songs in it. I personally love “Vroom” and “Issa Wrap” tracks.

It a rare thing to see hip-hop artist switch to a different style of rapping in their album and AYE LIB nice demonstration made it look like it’s not really a nut that’s so hard to crack.

From its Inception, the first song on the album “Laz Gang” was mired in dissonance, it started off sparingly, and the sound was meagerly pitched and represented. Although after some few minutes, the song got back to its fine tune. The subsequent songs are well laced if you somewhat was able to love the first song then you’ll surely fall in love with rest of the songs.

There’s a sense of purposefulness in this album, it’s got a ferocious and uptight lead off song although there are some minutes of poor sound issues and vocal clarity experienced.

“Animal” on its own is a gripping, enthralling and a beautifully laid song which has a consistent sound behind its plethora of high-pitch cameos. There’s a stylistic ink that binds everything together in the song “Vroom”.

Most of the songs in this album are ostensibly well pitched; the beats are like the normal rap hip hop beats that’s well mastered and smooth. Virtually everything comes with an array of super high vocal that can coherently cause a ripple effect in the mind of its listeners.

The album track list includes: Laz Gang, Issa Wrap, I told em, I’m back, Vroom, Hittin my line, Animal, Either way, Make it rain, and the last but not the least; Rollin.

This album has in stock a good collection of nice and frenzy hip hop/rap songs that will interest you. Be sure to check them out here


Keisha Sounds Releases ‘Demons’ FT DJ BENJ!

Music has saved countless lives, and not just by inspiring good times. A lot of time, when people are down, they want nothing more than to know they aren’t alone in their troubles. This can be one of the most powerful feelings we can receive from music. The idea of intimate, interpersonal connections being made possible through capturing expression and having it played back to the listener is powerful and worthy of all artistic praise. KeishaSounds is here to deliver on that premise with Demons.

Demons features DJ BENJ!, whose approach to the song about being plagued by the monsters inside of us is a dedication to bringing the listener into an atmosphere of anxious, panning instruments that could become overwhelming if not for a grounded, centered beat. Focus on the beat. Hear KeishaSounds voice and realize that you can exist safely in this space. The fear is palpable but the song provides a guiding light that listeners can hold onto. This is a song with not only a strong message but also production tailored with that message in mind. That combination is what distinguishes this song from many similar attempts. If you’re feeling isolated and out of sorts, press play and get ready for reinforcements to fight those Demons.

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