2burbo created a hyper pop-trap hit of hope for the masses with “just might save the world”

Aural originator 2burbo poured a potent shot of optimism into his standout single, just might save the world, which rips through every genre known to man to create a hyper hit of hope for the masses.

The 8-bit videogame synthetics around the trap and pop elements allowed the futuristically-inspired experimentalist to pair suitable sonics around his declaration of “hey, I just might save the world”. With the euphoria spilling from the short and colourfully sweet single, if anyone has what it takes to put our disillusioned world back on track, it is the Wisconsin-based artist who started operating under the moniker 2burbo in 2001.

Under the influence of everyone from Crystal Castles to Bowie to Prince to Steel Panther, it is no surprise that 2burbo was able to infuse so much distinction in his vibrant sonic signature.

just might save the world is available to stream on Spotify. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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