22Canelo – DIMEPIECE: feel the heat from your new favourite sun-slicked hip hop playlist staple

Bay Area-born new wave hip hop artist, 22Canelo, is known for his hard work, perseverance and charisma; that hat-trick of magnetic tenacity is epitomised in his latest conviction-driven single, DIMEPIECE.

After the jazzy horn stabs and West Coast motifs, his bars start throwing the heavy-weight punches in the high-vibe and sun-bleached track that will show you the beauty in resilience. Between the binary of rappers inviting you to a self-pity party and the artists getting excessively braggadocios about riches they probably don’t have, 22Canelo sits comfortably in the middle as he cheekily makes no bones about spitting harsh truth into the soulful body-rocking anthem that drips with style.

DIMEPIECE will drop on December 10th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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