1500 Pieces put the sex appeal back into Indie Pop Rock with the latest single “Maybe”


1500 Pieces have recently released their latest single “Maybe”; and it’s a little bit sexy. Maybe it’s the dexterously absorbing bass, maybe it’s the magnetic drawl in the vocals in the verses. But It’s safe to say that the sentiment of confusion which inspired the track is infectious.

Maybe comes to life through an indulgently rhythmic mix of Indie, Classic Rock, and Synth Pop with each of the elements coming together to create a resounding Alt Rock ballad. If the choruses don’t leave you feeling slightly fuzzy, it’s safe to assume that you’re a little bit dead inside.

If you could imagine the sounds of Gary Numan, the Arctic Monkeys, and Velvet Revolver all sitting together tightly in a soundscape, you’d get a good idea of what is waiting for you when you hit play on Maybe.

You can check out the latest track from 1500 Pieces for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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