Zack Kirkorian – Get Along; lofi new-age blues

The things that a man using his guitars, his synthesizers & his impeccable sense of humor can do. Well done Mr. Zack Kirkorian, hats off to you sir.

The song is called ‘Get Along’ and the artist entices us all to do so in the chorus. The music itself although not of a maximalist approach, presents so much interest. I wasn’t particularly crazy about the vocals but oh boy, music-wise this song has everything: a bass line that makes your feet move, a catchy whistling phrase & a harmonica solo! I’ve always been fond of people that wear many hats, musicians in particular. And this one is a bright case.

This song is from his album called ‘Exercises in Stupidity’ and the listener must not sleep on its humorously odd cover art; spending a few seconds just gazing at it I think gives an idea what this artist is about.

If you remotely enjoy bits of John Frusciante’s catalog hop on Spotify and give a listen to ‘Get Along’.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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