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Fancy J commits to a well-rounded dream pop sound with ‘Forever’

Pop vocalist originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Fancy J has released her new pop track ‘Forever’. 

Smothered with a healthy glaze of lo-fi R&B production, ‘Forever’ soars into high pitched vocal notes with Fancy J providing an almost ethereal atmosphere in her crooning. The track is a gorgeous, dreamy number and doesn’t hold back in covering listeners in a wall of emotionally vulnerable lyrics and undulating vocal drawls. 

Hauntingly beautiful at its apex – the track will sing to the ears of those who enjoy lo-fi melodic dream pop with oodles of R&B influence and ‘Forever’ shows Fancy J has the chops to make it into any moody pop playlist. 

You can check out Fancy J’s ‘Forever’ on her Spotify page here.  


Detroit’s Maz keeps the flow tight with ‘’Scruffy’’

Young Emcee from the US, ‘Maz’, is here with a dope style that is sure to bring him lots of fans. 

‘Maz’ has a raw delivery and he spits straight up facts on the mic. We should all pay attention as this Rapper is on the way up, all in the hometown of the legend; Eminem. 

New to the game but steppin’ up quick, ‘Maz’ also produces his own music and does the artwork. It’s that DIY approach that is going to take him places. Rather than wait for things to come to him, this young Emcee is pushing his way in.

‘Maz’ is a name to watch in the Hip Hop scene, he is a talented lyricist and he is still very new to the game. With more experience and finetuning his beats, this Emcee is on the way up. Detroit first and then wherever he wants to go.

Check out his whole collection on SoundCloud


An instrumental folk ballad: 8udDha bl0od release 1nK3D

8udDha bl0od are a new discovery with every new release and their instrumental track 1nK3D is no exception.

Tranquility is the feeling and serene the atmosphere, giving you enough fair sound span to enjoy the textures of this folk ballad.

The classic guitar changing from open chords to melodic lines controls the spacious harmony cadenced by mild drums that merely accompany the gentle rhythm. Waving in the background, a flute sound chimes with the guitar melody, sweetening the song’s flavor and nourishing a delicate theme.

1nK3D is one out of the plentiful sound journeys you’ll embark on if you follow 8udDha bl0od.

Check out 1nK3D on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Pitch’s ‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ is feel-good London-lo-fi

London-based artist Pitch has released new track ‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ – a breezy feeling spoken word and electronic R&B-infused effort.

‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ doesn’t shy away from the creator’s identity and helps encapsulate a good part of Pitch’s presence – with the track’s concise feel and pleasant composition greatly helps it from overstaying its welcome. In fact, it helps give Pitch’s stoic, if not languid, voice a rather impactful feel, with some enjoyable streetwise lyrics sometimes shining through at the moment they need to. 

‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ is worth a listen if you want to explore some more alternative avenues of lowkey, independent lo-fi rap that fits as a solid halfway house between dreary boozy lyrics, and rhythmically carefree flows.

You can listen to and watch ‘Best Friends Clothes’ on Pitch’s YouTube channel here.


‘Don’t Fall’ is impressive lo-fi R&B from mother and son combo DE’JAS that’s perfect to chill, study, or relax to

Germany-based duo act DE’JAS have released their new track ‘Don’t Fall’ – a sweetly sung, impressively produced lo-fi R&B track.

Sonics are strong on ‘Don’t Fall’ with producer Jahym pulling off some nicely embroidered Daniel Caesar-style backdrops over his co-artist and mother Denise’s wishful crooning. The whole track helps paint an enjoyable picture of its own writing – and it feels authentic, sad, and, dare I say, extremely sweet? This is kindly complementary to the obvious skill and talent in the vibe the song creates – because it works very well on that front too. 

As a dual effort, ‘Don’t Fall’ does extremely well in showcasing the artistry of the co-named DE’JAS. The track feels strongest at its interplay and the coexistence of the creators, and that’s something that’s not common – at all. Definitely worth putting on if you have anything to chill, study, or relax to. 

You can listen to ‘Don’t Fall’ on DE’JAS’ Spotify page now.



Tali Leda has dropped her new single ‘Free Free’, a real chillout hit.

‘Free Free’ is a product of pop music and chillout lo-fi beats coming together, rolling around in a sensual and captivating melody that creates sweet and addictive harmonies you’d like to listen to ad libitum.

Partly recalling the likes of renowned British singer Sade’s vocals, Tali discovered that music was in her DNA after she learned that her birth mother was a singer and her father a pianist and bass player.

With her many songs being featured on TV shows and Indie films, Tali Leda classifies as an all-around artist who’ll find her way to a wonderful career.

You can listen to ‘Free Free’ for yourself on SoundCloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


LxveLife has released his Intro track Pure

Producer LxveLife has dropped his single ‘Pure’, combining the sound and style of Hip-Hop and Lo-fi to create this short track.

With only lasting fifty-six seconds as an intro piece, LxveLife has put his creative talent as a producer to incorporate that into this swift piece as he adds in a range of sounds to complete it. It’s all fairly slow to start with.

As it begins to hit the middle there is a clap added as the beat gets higher and the pace begins to pick up, using this slow pace melody to create this catchy tune, giving a taster of what’s to come from himself in the future, giving his intro a real feel for what is next to come, it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to hearing what’s next.

Check out LxveLife Pure by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Artist Jerry Leech has released single Red & Blue

‘Red & Blue’ is the recent single from artist Jerry Leech, a combination of smooth, lo-fi R&B and Soul through this piece.

This is the first hit that Jerry has dropped and it definitely deserves all the recognition it’s going to get, using a wide variety of sounds and styles, it has this high energy, this insane flow and a heart-racing melody that settles in the background.

A beat that has so many elements pulsing through it, the way it connects with everything that is going on is so impressive. The vocal ranges tend to change up a lot, some are quite high-pitch and smooth and some are more low and deep, the way Jerry can range his voice to different levels of sound is interesting to listen too.

Considering this is the first piece by Jerry Leech it’s safe to say that we can’t wait to see what he gets up to next!

Listen to Jerry Leech’s Red & Blue by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Zack Kirkorian – Get Along; lofi new-age blues

The things that a man using his guitars, his synthesizers & his impeccable sense of humor can do. Well done Mr. Zack Kirkorian, hats off to you sir.

The song is called ‘Get Along’ and the artist entices us all to do so in the chorus. The music itself although not of a maximalist approach, presents so much interest. I wasn’t particularly crazy about the vocals but oh boy, music-wise this song has everything: a bass line that makes your feet move, a catchy whistling phrase & a harmonica solo! I’ve always been fond of people that wear many hats, musicians in particular. And this one is a bright case.

This song is from his album called ‘Exercises in Stupidity’ and the listener must not sleep on its humorously odd cover art; spending a few seconds just gazing at it I think gives an idea what this artist is about.

If you remotely enjoy bits of John Frusciante’s catalog hop on Spotify and give a listen to ‘Get Along’.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


TrustDarkness – Secret Cigarettes: Emotively Sludgy Lo Fi

Love or hate Lo Fi music, it’s part of the tapestry of the current music industry. I can imagine that in years to come, we’ll be hearing a lot more from up and coming artists independently releasing their own music free from the limitations which traditional music production places upon the authenticity of their sound. Which, no one can deny is a bad thing.

Seattle-based Alternative Folk-Rock artist TrustDarkness has undoubtedly mastered the art of independently creating emotively sludgy Lo Fi music. His narrative lyrical style has reminiscence to bands such as Levellers and the Dropkick Murphy’s yet, there’s an undeniable emo edge which comes from the complete lack of lyrical restraint. Usually, most artists tend to skirt around issues of longing and wistful retrospect but with “Secret Cigarettes” you’re treated to a no holds barred account of juvenile growth “I’ll masturbate until I go blind, drunk dial old friends then press rewind”.  Catchy, right? The fuzzy guitar melodies around the cacophonous drum rolls perfectly round off the single from TrustDarkness’ latest EP “Red Flags”.

You can stream and download Secret Cigarettes for yourself by heading over to BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast