Yung 4reign has dropped latest piece Find My Way

Singer and songwriter Yung 4reign has released his latest single ‘Find My Way’ ft Tre Worth portraying an upbeat lively sound.

Pulling in that Rap and Hip-Hop style, telling a story through the melodic vocals and the fast pace Rap, mixing it up with added bits of him singing. The way he sings has this soft texture to it, it has this pure energy running through and the vocal ranges are insane as he keeps this steady flow through each element.

Not only can he sing well, but when he goes back and forth from that to the Rap, it still keeps it’s catchy and impressive sound with the fast pace verses and high-pitched gravelly vocals. When Tre Worth comes in the pace picks up speed and has that more deep tone to it.

Head on over to Spotify now to listen to Yung 4reign’s Find My Way.

Review by Karley Myall

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