XGod – Mine: Back to The Future


XGod is an emerging Electronica artist from Australia. He’s just released his debut single Mine, which is pumped full of futuristic sound it will make you feel like you’re in the 5th Element.

The intro kicks off to a good start with the synthesised analogue sound that gives you promise that you’re about to be induced into an eclectic sound that can transcend you from a static reality.

Yet, the lyrics provide to be the downfall of the latest track the vocals added distinct insult to injury. There’s no natural hint of lyrical flow to the vocals, they don’t even sound human, so it’s impossible to extract any passion or any other emotion from the track. You’re just stuck listening to someone proclaim in a robotic manor that they’re “going to set this bitch alight”.

I have no doubt that Mine could have been a stand out track without the excessive vocal mixing and mastering by A. Wright. I have no doubt in my mind that this track would have gone down a treat if it didn’t sound like it was orchestrated by an Artificial Intelligence robot.

Check out the Lyrical video via YouTube:


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