Marcelo Kunstmann and Marcus Lipp releases track A Light In The Darkness

‘’A Light In The Darkness’’ by Marcelo Kunstmann and Marcus Lipp is an Alternative Rock and Indie track.

Focusing on the people in the world and how they strive for fame and money and the way in which love becomes absent. Marcelo not only has killer vocals but he also invests in drumming, piano, bass, percussion and keyboards so he can do it all really.

It starts off with this gentle strum on the guitar as the threats make this mellow sound, with these raucous vocals that come in to give it that Rock feel and take it to a whole other level. The instrumentals keep it calm and collective, but then when Marcelo comes in it tends to get louder and a little more to the heavier side.

Many elements intertwined together to create this track, you have Rock and Indie but then you have an overpowering chant and an increase in pitch that really hits the high notes perfectly. It all combines together in a rather pleasant way.

Check out A Light In The Darkness by Marcelo Kunstmann and Marcus Lipp by heading over to Spotify now.

By Karley Myall

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