Winnie Ford – Breadcrumbs: Aurally Arresting Synth Pop

If Pop hooks, lush synths, and big drum machines are your thing, allow me to introduce you to Winnie Ford and her sensual sound which she created through her latest single Breadcrumbs.

You’d expect a Synth Pop artist to have an arresting vocal style, but Winnie Ford exceeds all aural expectations with her single and serves up a fresh new plateau of empowering catharsis. We’ve all been there and shared the sentiment of wishing someone would kindly take the nearest exit from our lives, you’d think it would be an easy enough request, but sadly not, at least it inspired the ethereally stunning track which is Breadcrumbs. There’s a beautiful sense of fragility in the vocals, yet none of the naivety which artists within the Synth Pop genre insist on carrying with them. Instead Winnie carries perfectly concordant vocal melodies which sit seamlessly against the synthesised Trap style beats which have been polished to absolute perfection.

You can check out the stunning official music video to Winnie Ford’s sensationally empowering Pop track Breadcrumbs on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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