Watchmoore release a single from their album – Chicane: 0 to 100 in less that seven minutes!

Chicane by Watchmoore

At first listen, the new single “Revengicide” from Watchmoore seems like a delicate but slow, almost crawling journey of contemplative introspection. Less than a minute in, you happily realise that the Australian based trio are weaving an intricate, well thought out story, made all the more mesmerising by interesting tempo changes and seamlessly cohesive weaves and bobs, with the most sublime crescendo, that is bound to be a favourite feature of the song.

No matter what your musical tastes are, this track surreptitiously reels you in until you are completely hooked. For the Muso’s and Nerds out there, listen and learn because Watchmoore give us all a real lesson into how to move listeners from the bar to the mosh pit, culminating in all the best things mosh pits have to offer – abandon, reckless interaction, closed eyes, metal pulsating through every bone in your body, being pulled to who knows where by who knows who!

After listening to “Revengicide” on bandcamp, you won’t be able to deny that Watchmoore have a thought evoking, refreshing point of view, a welcome addition to every music connoisseurs playlist.

Review by Susan Harriott

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