Strap Yourselves in for the Aural Adventure of Your Lifetimes with Terzo’s Cinematically Ingenious Single “Sea of Trees”

A Comedy of Failures by Terzo

If you love nothing more than hitting play on an explorative composition which will heighten your senses as you listen to the unpredictable ingenuity found within the instrumental progressions, you’re in for a treat with Terzo’s latest single “Sea of Trees”.

Hearing ominously quivering piano strings being pulled against a bed of downtempo Eastern European acoustic folk guitar is one of the most aurally arrestive experiences I’ve ever had. The New York-based artist’s single simply demands repeat attention to give your mind the opportunity to fully explore every layer in the cinematic arrangement.  The instrumental track has very little need for vocals thanks to the potently powerful emotion which bleeds from this conflicting, pleasantly disturbing offering of Fusion.

You can stream and download Terzo’s single Sea of Trees for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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