What We Need: Hidden Shackles feels them watching like flies on ‘White Collar Lies’

Feeling our society being used and taken for a ride at every corner, Hidden Shackles knows that we have to remain sharp, otherwise our fragile brains may be washed into the machine forever on ‘White Collar Lies‘.

Hidden Shackles is a UK-based indie rock band who performs from the heart and refuses to let anyone blind them from what the truth is.

A politically motivated anthem written to resonate with anyone who is fed up with the current dismal state of the world. It echoes the voices of those most oppressed by capitalism and informs those who fall ignorant. It also calls out the rich and powerful who misuse societal systems through their webs of corruption and self interest.” ~ Hidden Shackles

Urging us to keep our souls alive forever and away from those sketchy narratives that are only teaching us the wrong things, Hidden Shackles bravely encourages us all to unite and to stand up for what is right and not let the greed seep into our conciousness like a poisoned apple.

Whether it’s inequality, human rights, politics or social justice issues, they use their music to vent their anger and frustration.” ~ Hidden Shackles

Sung with an extraordinarily courageous tone and with a rocking vibe that will urge you to speak up for humanity despite the risks associated, this is an important single from a tight group who gel together rather sweetly.

White Collar Lies‘ from the UK-based indie rock band Hidden Shackles is a fearless song from a team who believe what they are doing will indeed make a difference. Showing us that we need to avoid the slippery slopes that can take you into rocky climates if you let it, this is a reflective experience to remember deeply.

Leading the way and bringing us into a mindful place that is away from the rubbish we can easily consume, this is a welcome guiding light into a better place where we know what is real and what isn’t.

Listen up to this thought-provoker on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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