We Are Not Cool – Pulsar: Ambiently Entrancing Electronica

Cool may not be what up and coming Electronica artist We Are Not Cool aims for. But after hearing their standout track Pulsar, it’s safe to say that they’ve achieved it anyway.

The ambiently entrancing mix incorporates organic textured beats which almost gives the soundscape a tribal feel. Yet with the futuristic tones added to the melting pot of ingenuity, Pulsar progresses with a modernistic magnetism which makes it all too easy to get hooked into the instrumental track.

We Are Not Cool found the perfect balance between momentum and ambience in Pulsar. Which gave the track an accessibly cathartic feel while ensuring that there’s little chance your attention will falter as you listen to the seamlessly produced progressions.

You can check out Pulsar along with We Are Not Cool’s earlier releases by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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