Vish-K embodies hard-hitting hustle rap with latest track ‘Upper-Tunity’

Hailing from Atlanta, Vish-K has released new bar-heavy rap track ‘Upper-Tunity’: a strong contender for one of this month’s best independent hip-hop releases. 

‘Upper-Tunity’ comes good with a pinging trap-type beat encapsulating a hotly delivered sequence of struggle bars and opportunistic pangs. The Atlanta rapper doesn’t pull punches in ingratiating himself into hip-hop head-heads with some catchy hook work and his presence on the track is accomplished and worthy of appraisal. 

Effortlessly spitting simple wordplays on top of staccato melodies, Visk-K proves he’s one to look out for in the burgeoning Atlanta rap scene – and if you’re looking for some real independent, hustle-heavy hip-hop, look no further than ‘Upper-Tunity’. 

You can listen to ‘Upper-Tunity’ on Vish-K’s Spotify page here.

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