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Hawaiian Hip hop royalty Mac Foreign reaps the rewards of that hustle with a purpose on, ‘God Works’

Taken from his February 2022-released 14-track album ‘Love Hard 2‘, Mac Foreign shows us all that if you have the right mentality, anything is really possible once you know your true value with the visuals for, ‘God Works‘.

Morris A Clarke IV aka Mac Foreign is a 28-year-old Mākaha, Hawaii-based indie Hip hop artist and business mogul who is a prolific artist with 10 albums released so far.

This song meant more to me because not only did my mom intro on the song but she also engineered the session! And me being me I actually went back and recorded the hook in my grandma’s house and placed it in the track just so that real energy could be captured no matter what.” ~ Mac Foreign

With a hustle mentality and his clear love for an art form that he is surely mastering, Mac Foreign is in exemplary form with a phenomenal display that skillfully brushes away the hater bandits, who just detest him because they gave up when the going got tough.

God Works‘ from Mākaha, Hawaii-based indie Hip hop artist/business mogul Mac Foreign is an excellent track that shall inspire you to make sure that you keep your dreams alive and never sell out no matter what figure they throw at you. Putting faith in his skills and never giving up has clearly paid dividends, as we are treated to a top-notch display from an artist who is looking at the bigger picture.

Keeping that respect of those close who believed in him first, this is an absolute anthem made from the heart that should show you that anything is actually attainable if you have that drive and determination to succeed where others failed.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Vish-K embodies hard-hitting hustle rap with latest track ‘Upper-Tunity’

Hailing from Atlanta, Vish-K has released new bar-heavy rap track ‘Upper-Tunity’: a strong contender for one of this month’s best independent hip-hop releases. 

‘Upper-Tunity’ comes good with a pinging trap-type beat encapsulating a hotly delivered sequence of struggle bars and opportunistic pangs. The Atlanta rapper doesn’t pull punches in ingratiating himself into hip-hop head-heads with some catchy hook work and his presence on the track is accomplished and worthy of appraisal. 

Effortlessly spitting simple wordplays on top of staccato melodies, Visk-K proves he’s one to look out for in the burgeoning Atlanta rap scene – and if you’re looking for some real independent, hustle-heavy hip-hop, look no further than ‘Upper-Tunity’. 

You can listen to ‘Upper-Tunity’ on Vish-K’s Spotify page here.