VALENTINE drops Pop and Hip-Hop infused EP Low

Artist VALENTINE has dropped their eight-track collection ‘Low’ a rather enticing mixture of Pop and Hip-Hop tracks.

From start to end, it’s so intriguing to listen to every single element that pulses through the music. The vocals are always done so perfectly, hitting the high notes in the right way, allowing the tone of voice to stretch that little bit further. Sharing similarities to artists such as Ed Sheeran have that fairly energetic and lively tone through the voice.

Each piece on the anthology has its own upbeat melody that flows in and out of the vocals so well. One that really stands out from all of it is the second track ‘Vital’ the way it starts off with a rather smooth rhythm played on the piano with a slight hum that breaks, leading into the raspy vocals. Then adding in that rather static effect to the voice.

VALENTINE sure knows how to create music in a rather impressive way, embracing the sounds and styles of many genres and sound effects to add in as much as they can and it worked for sure.

Check out VALENTINE’S EP Low by heading on over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall

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