Upside Down: Linda Smith gives the world so much joy on Figment of Your Imagination

Figment of Your Imagination b/w Ideal View of the Ideal City (Single) by Linda Smith

Originally released inside 1991’s Put It In Writing, Linda Smith shows us what true love sounds like in music on the stunning single to rejoice with called Figment of Your Imagination.

Linda Smith is a Baltimore, Maryland-based indie bedroom pop singer-songwriter who makes authentic music to heal all wounds with.

When Linda Smith purchased a 4 track cassette recorder in the mid-1980s, it was not with the intention of launching a solo career. At the time, she was playing guitar in a band called the Woods, and thought it would be useful for sharing demos with her bandmates. In the end, the 4 track outlasted the Woods, but Smith had already started toying around with her own songs.” ~ Linda Smith

Lathered with a flashback to a different time altogether, Linda Smith guides us into her dusty gems and shows us her catchy brilliance to feel alive with.

Figment of Your Imagination from Baltimore, Maryland-based indie bedroom pop singer-songwriter Linda Smith is a terrific single which will put so many spirits into a merrier place. Sung with so much care and layered with tons of intricate excellence, we find a superb single to feel enlighten by.

Music with substance will always matter.

Listen up on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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