Up and coming American female MC ‘Del3x’ shows her growth with maturing flow on ‘’Meet Again’

From her debut on 2018’s ‘’On God Freestyle’’, USA Rapper ‘Del3x’ has been a name to watch. She brings back the heat with her new single, the honest ‘Meet Again’.

The energetic MC is breaking down more barriers and perceptions with her smooth flow and clever lyrics. In an industry that at times disrespects women MC’s, this is an artist that is on the rise with her ever-growing confidence. 

If she could get her marketing and branding more in sync with her impressive MC skills, ‘Del3x’ would be able to break down even more barriers. This will happen in a matter of time after her chart breakthrough and I feel like this will come sooner rather than later.

‘’Meet Again’’ is part of a sequence of singles from the young MC and the follow up to the gritty ‘’Related Rivals’’, a song about jealousy and losses.  

Listen more to ‘Del3x’ here on her YouTube page and follow her journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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