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Lemar French created a jazzy celestial tapestry with his suspensefully filmic hip-hop single, Moving Stars

Here to prove that hip hop can be classy and gritty in the same suspensefully cadenced breath is the Steel City, PA native and seasoned MC Lemar Fresh, with his immersively elevated hit single, Moving Stars.

With all the smoke and glamour of a metropolis after dark, Moving Stars moves like a starlet on a red carpet under his magnetically low-timbered bars and jazzy interludes, which find the perfect balance between sultry and sophisticated.

With 15 years as an MC under his belt and production receipts with everyone from WQED to Rhymefest to Mac Miller to Diamond D, the Houston-residing artist strove for hip hop purity and came up with 24 karat hip hop gold.

Stream Moving Stars, which was released on February 27th, by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Call Up My Fam: Chicago’s J. Hollins knows its going down tonight on ‘Stand Up’

As he gets the family together so that they can take over the nights proceedings, J. Hollins gets us into the mood to make some calls and dance the night away on ‘Stand Up‘.

J. Hollins aka Casanova Black, is a Chicago-born indie RnB/Soul artist, MC and Entrepreneur, who makes ladies swoon with his transfixing voice and writes well-penned lyrics that have you wishing you wrote them.

This is a true artist who bravely walked away from a cozy major record contract as a writer to continue his own education, as he was creatively unfulfilled making records for other people to be happy about. He mind alive with ideas, that burning sensation inside his soul was heightened to its fullest again after this move to independent status again.

I wanted to get back to what I do best, what the people and the DJs came to love about my music. I also wanted to create a project that celebrates life and allows the audience to have fun while listening.” ~ J. Hollins aka Casanova Black

Stand Up‘ from the Chicago-born indie RnB/Soul solo artist and acclaimed writer J. Hollins, is a fun song filled with sizzle and love, as he heats up the evening and gets us to throwing those hands up. With the world almost back, this is a party ambiance to get you feeling good again. Letting go a bit is needed, with all those stresses that have been building up in our packed lives lately.

Hear this fab new single via his Spotify and catch up with more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s streetwise Emcee Inko returns with long-awaited ‘’Touch’’

I just wanna breathe on you, tempted to touch. ‘Inko’ is an underground Emcee with enough talent to cover all over her hometown of London in England. She is back after a two year hiatus with her raspy release that has enough swag to last for days. 

‘’Touch’’ is a UK banger of note that deserves lots of love- on all radio and streaming  channels. The young Rapper  ‘Inko’ slides in the party with style and substance. My finger is tempted to touch play all the time here as she shouts out legendary Camden, a legendary music hub of music that can’t wait to open up again.

This is the follow up to 2018’s single the speaker stompin’ ‘Groupie’. Both tracks are excellent and the Hip Hop scene is better for ‘Inko’ being in the game. Just don’t call her sweet.

Check out the Spotify channel now and support this real talent from London. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

USA Rapper AYEJAY releases 4th single “I’m Back’’

You can’t mess with the progress. AYEJAY releases a new school single that is sure to be popular with the youngsters in 2020 with its Southern style.

With a great cover picture on the artwork, I started to like AYEJAY’s new song more and more. This is a new rapper that is still learning his trade and shows lots of potential. I hope that he goes his own way and doesn’t try to copy anyone else. He speaks about not trusting himself and let’s hope that changes in a few years as it will really improve his music output.

Overall, this is a solid effort from the young MC coming out of the USA, who is here to stay. A big hit is possible if he stays focused and concentrates on improving each time he steps in the booth.

Find out more about AYEJAY’s new music here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Up and coming American female MC ‘Del3x’ shows her growth with maturing flow on ‘’Meet Again’

From her debut on 2018’s ‘’On God Freestyle’’, USA Rapper ‘Del3x’ has been a name to watch. She brings back the heat with her new single, the honest ‘Meet Again’.

The energetic MC is breaking down more barriers and perceptions with her smooth flow and clever lyrics. In an industry that at times disrespects women MC’s, this is an artist that is on the rise with her ever-growing confidence. 

If she could get her marketing and branding more in sync with her impressive MC skills, ‘Del3x’ would be able to break down even more barriers. This will happen in a matter of time after her chart breakthrough and I feel like this will come sooner rather than later.

‘’Meet Again’’ is part of a sequence of singles from the young MC and the follow up to the gritty ‘’Related Rivals’’, a song about jealousy and losses.  

Listen more to ‘Del3x’ here on her YouTube page and follow her journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen