UK Drill rapper Yaaru smashes through the speakers with new Tamil-language EP ‘Kelvi Kuri’

Yaaru dazzles on his brand new Tamil-rap EP that will blow your mind on ‘Kelvi Kuri‘.

The world has always been fascinated with masks. In the music world right now where being authentic is the best way to have a long career, Yaaru is adding his name to the list. He raps with such passion and shows his lyrical skills here with a brooding beat that is perfect for those late nights while driving in your friends car while you look at the streets.

Antha Podiyan‘ and ‘Thiramai‘ are the two standouts here on the new EP. The bass is so savage it would make Rihanna proud. This is all about life from kid days to what is going on now. The passion is so clear to see and the storytelling is fast and fiery.

Kelvi Kuri‘ from Yaaru is an EP with an underground beat that is brilliantly crafted with much skill. This is an EP to play real loud and to appreciate. The fusion here is a work of art.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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