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Creative beyond words: Shrt_Lyf drops the highly entertaining ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s’

With a video that defies belief, the quality of the song matches the unique style with a Hip Hop song that is so fresh you will need extra ice to wrap on your face. The flowing locks only make him look like a real music star, Spanish artist Shrt_Lyf is absolutely remarkable on ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘.

This is all about going for the wrong girl, only to realize too late. Way too late. A true message that so many of us have experienced in our lives. With a flow like no other, this is that rare kind of music that you can just smile at. You appreciate the creative juices that are squeezed into our ears like that delicious music that wets your lips just right.

Flamboyance personified, you are transported into a different state of mind while enjoying this Indie Rap track that features different genres in the video too. There is no telling what he is going to come up with next and the full Rock band outro at the end is a sign of things to come.

Shrt_Lyf shows off his growing legend on ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘ and you will be blown away by what you see whether you like Hip Hop or not. This is the kind of musician that comes around once a lifetime.

Fill your day with this incredibly entertaining video on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip Hop swag in abundance with the new street track ‘Rebound’ from KRN$

There is so much Hip Hop swag in abundance here with the new street track ‘Rebound‘ from KRN$ as he rips the mic off with a flashy music video, to match his vibrant style.

KRN$ is an Amsterdam based rapper who has the flair of an ever-evolving creative. After losing so much weight recently, he is such an inspiration to all of us worldwide. He has used lockdown to change his body and this is a song about making changes in this crazy world.

KRN$ tells the story of his 2020 with the bouncy ‘Rebound‘. This is all about making a comeback like Kevin Durant and making sure that you are ready and fresh for the new challenge ahead. The year has been so shocking but good times are just around the corner. The raps are slung with vigor and you get the feel like this is a rapper that can make it big if he stays focused and keeps improving, avoid the pitfalls of temptation on the way.

Head through to see the video on YouTube *please be aware of the constant flashing images and epilepsy warning*

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester rapper Ice D spits real street stories on ‘Felony’

Manchester rapper Ice D spits real street stories on ‘Felony‘. This is a raw track that has a freestyle type vibe to it and this hits home real hard.

With an original style and plenty and trap-filled busty beats that bounce around like the real word on the streets. Life comes real fast and you need to know the time to survive. This young rapper has a rap delivery that seems to improve as the track going on, a true sign of things that are to come.

Life can get real so quickly and with stories of what goes down in the dark alleys, portrays a musician who knows who he is and this isn’t some lame fake track unlike a lot of the new Hip Hop out there. Expect big things if he can maintain focus and not get wrapped up and gassed with all the easy temptations of the music game that can be so harsh for the naive. Ice D is only getting started on ‘Felony‘.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head to the Insta for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK Drill rapper Yaaru smashes through the speakers with new Tamil-language EP ‘Kelvi Kuri’

Yaaru dazzles on his brand new Tamil-rap EP that will blow your mind on ‘Kelvi Kuri‘.

The world has always been fascinated with masks. In the music world right now where being authentic is the best way to have a long career, Yaaru is adding his name to the list. He raps with such passion and shows his lyrical skills here with a brooding beat that is perfect for those late nights while driving in your friends car while you look at the streets.

Antha Podiyan‘ and ‘Thiramai‘ are the two standouts here on the new EP. The bass is so savage it would make Rihanna proud. This is all about life from kid days to what is going on now. The passion is so clear to see and the storytelling is fast and fiery.

Kelvi Kuri‘ from Yaaru is an EP with an underground beat that is brilliantly crafted with much skill. This is an EP to play real loud and to appreciate. The fusion here is a work of art.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

June Miller slides in the door with tight flows on ‘Cake?!!??’

June Miller (Houston,Texas) shows the world his tight flow on ‘Cake?!!??‘.

With a bouncy beat, we are soon into the story here from this skilled lyricist who stomps hard on this one. With an attitude of minding his own business and just stay focused to make records, you can see that he is on a mission. Making quality music is the mantra and staying away from lame rap beef and other distractions.

The flow is tight here and this is a rapper on a mission. He doesn’t have feelings and is only down if you want to do this properly. He wants to be one of the best in the game and isn’t impressed by the average. Cake is about taking your cake and eating it. Just keeping it real and not trying to do too much that doesn’t feel right. Keeping things natural is the way to go for this extremely talented rapper.

Cake?!!??’ is a Hip Hop song that is laced with quality flows that make you impressed easily by June Miller.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie rip the mic on the new Hip Hop single ‘Jackwoods’

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie give us a life lesson about ladies and 420 here on their new Hip Hop track called ‘Jackwoods‘.

BagDadLean is a young Midwest artist that is very versatile as he can rap and switch it up to an R&B number all in the same song. This is a rare skill that is often not done well. He does however impress on this new track that is only his 2nd even release on Spotify. With lots of hunger and aspirations to be as massive as Drake, this is an ambitious emcee and singer with big dreams. I love this confidence, going for the top is the way forward.

This is all about being careful with the ladies. You need to find a loyal lady otherwise if you end up with the wrong one, she will suck your bank account dry and then vanish like the cleaning product. The beat is so laid back and stoner style, with the deep voices and you feel the smoke filled energy in the air.

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie show us their skill set on the new ‘Jackwoods‘ single that is a winner in the Hip Hop playlists all over the world. If they can keep consistent and focus on getting their music out there, there is a chance they could make it massive.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rizzo G.U.N drops Hip Hop banger with RBA (Ft. Passport Kay)

Rizzo G.U.N is a New York born rapper who is now based in the Dirty South. Atlanta is his home now as this talented emcee mixes these two influences to all-pro levels here with his new track ”RBA” (Ft. Passport Kay).

With his Caribbean flavor that adds a delicious twist on his music, Rizzo G.U.N swarms hard here on this full bass banger. With Passport Kay in impressive form with her short but feisty feature, this song sets up nicely as a quality bass thumping Hip Hop release for 2020.

Rizzo G.U.N delivers the vibe here with precision timing and the beat just swallows up the speakers to seducing levels of quality. The Atlanta based emcee cruises through here like an old pro and is joined by Passport Kay who spreads a lather of sparkling vocals and flow here.

Stream here on Soundcloud to find out more and hear this bass-filled track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Arcenio Cayetano has dropped their atmospherically intense Hip Hop debut “Ttab”

If it has been a while since you heard a Hip Hop debut worth getting excited about, hit play on Arcenio Cayetano’s first officially released single Ttab.

Ttab kicks off with an artfully arrestive prelude which will ensure that you’re well and truly transfixed by the time Arcenio Cayetano’s high-vibe unapologetically salacious bars kick in.

The up and coming artist made stylistic comparisons hard to make with the way the mix constantly evolves. Expect to find nuances of RnB, Pop, Trap and Old School Hip Hop weaved into the futuristically fresh, atmospherically intense track which was polished with precision by Mango Tree Productions.

You can check out Arcenio Cayetano’s single on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Aleeus storms in hard with strong video ”Geronimo” feat. Universal Joe

There comes a time when you get sick of talk and are just keen to show that you are grinding it the best way. While other cats talk and talk, you are getting it done.

The new single called ”Geronimo‘ from Aleeus feat. Universal Joe is taken off 2020’s ”Injured Reserve” which sounds like a great way to describe the year to me. From rapping since he was 13 and having his Dad help him put out his first single, Aleeus has been on a tear later with lots of new music and ever-improving rhymes.

This is heavy stuff from the Ohio rapper and he brings along Universal Joe for this one and the featured is well done too. They are busy building at the moment and stacking up all the opportunities while others just talk. 2020 is the year to reboot and change the way you do things. ”Geronimo” does that and this is a top Hop Hop song that is full of tight beats and lyrical ability.

Head to YouTube for this video and more.

To hear this new music on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen