Tyler Loyal releases single Hit Me feat Jay Critch

Hip-Hop artist Tyler Loyal has dropped his killer track ‘Hit Me’ feat Jay Critch. Infusing Rap and upbeat melodies to create this catchy piece.

Having rather smooth sombers, combining them with an energetic rhythm. Expressing feelings and emotions through the lyrics based on relatable topics to do with loneliness and regret. There is the use of autotuned sound effects through this piece, like the tongue roll sound that occasionally creeps up.

The vocal ranges are fairly flat in terms of tone, having that more adenoidal essence, keeping it at a fairly slow pace, not making it too quick so that the flow is steady and the instrumentation combines perfectly with the overall style of the song.

Also using the repetitive lyrics over the top, using the other vocals to overlap it as it leads into Jay’s verse. Having a rather different tone to Tylers, a lot more gravelly and tending to speed up in places, but overall keeping that same upbeat catchy tune till the end.

Check out Tyler Loyal’s Hit Me feat Jay Critch by head over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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