Moody Night: J Whit drops menacing new single ‘Build A Hell’

With a hungry dark wolf growl to start us off, J Whit mysteriously creeps through the quiet house with a sinister tone that has you looking around anxiously, hoping you have locked all of your doors on his new single named ‘Build A Hell‘.

J Whit is an exciting indie-trap artist with a grit-filled created delivery that has your heart beating a bit faster than before. He makes singles that are unlike anything you have probably ever heard before in your life.

With a blood-soaked beat and a two sided track totally different from the start, this is a rain-driven single that has you thinking that it should definitely be in a move or a series. Its layers divert your attention away from the norm — and has you your mind racing rather deeply — as your heart beats rather quickly.

This song is through the perspective of a serial killer and it is up to the listener to find out before its too late.” – J Whit

Build A Hell‘ from the menacingly-voiced indie-trap artist J Whit, creaks into the night and has you thinking that you need to have your castle as strong as possible, to keep the night-walkers out for good. He performs with a vicious venom that bites through your headphones sneakily, and sneaks into your mind with a slithering style that is so uniquely thought-provoking.

Hear this edgy track on Spotify and see more about his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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