Tylar Smith dropped a nostalgia atom bomb with his retro jazz-pop hit, ONE MORE CHANCE

Get in the Doo Wop swing with Tylar Smith’s jazz-pop nostalgia atom bomb of a single, ONE MORE CHANCE. The award-winning Australian-born singer’s reverence for retro pop and old-fashioned soul, powerful vocal lines that could start a Rockabilly riot and his ability to spin a powerful narrative over his melodies that will hit your ears like candy has put him on the right path towards his dream of becoming an international recording artist.

With the timeless appeal of ONE MORE CHANCE and music fans increasing their proclivities towards nostalgia, the young artist, who started cutting his teeth in the music industry before his teens, is sure to make an ever-lasting impression with his debut EP, REMINISCENT, which has been crafted over the last 12 months in collaboration with a US Grammy-Nominated producer and songwriter.

ONE MORE CHANCE will reach the airwaves on September 29; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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