Colorado’s The Hell Raisin’ Hippies take us into the ‘Trance of the Alien Vaccine’

Inspired by the late greats Dimebag Darrell and Janis Joplin, The Hell Raisin’ Hippies open up our minds to a vividly described experience you won’t be able to forget easily with ‘Trance of the Alien Vaccine‘.

Erica and Jerry Joplin aka The Hell Raisin’ Hippies is a Colorado-based, Texas-born indie-electronic act who joyously live the 420 hippie life to the fullest.

The underlying concepts of our music are intellectual freedom, individualism, and of course – UFOs. We use an amusing and light-hearted approach to convey existential and intellectual messages to people who consider themselves citizens of the world.” ~ The Hell Raisin’ Hippies

As far as music ventures go that has you admiring the sheer volume of authenticity that is wrapped inside a thought-provoking narrative to light up, The Hell Raisin’ Hippies are surely one of the most distinct bands in the world. There is a mysterious beat to unravel that has you looking around curiously – as you wonder if what you actually believe is the truth – or a false story that has been twisted so many times it’s bent a false picture into your eyes.

Trance of the Alien Vaccine‘ from free-minded Colorado-based experimental electronic act The Hell Raisin’ Hippies, is a really enlightening track that is filled with sounds from another world and samples from the news, as we are driven into a unique release to truly savour. This is a music duo who choose to think differently to many, and must be commended on delivering a single that that has you pondering the very world that we find ourselves locked inside.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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