Tina Heart’s Fiercely Magnetic Latest Singer “Things Will Change”

Even from reading the title to Tina Heart’s latest track “Things Will Change” lets you know that you’re in store for a no holds barred unapologetic offering of aural empowerment.

As soon as you hit play the prelude greets you with a range of excuses which women are faced with when they experience injustice in our charming misogynistic society. While the lyrics may be straight up Riot Grrrl, the style of Tina Hearts overwhelmingly powerful single falls into the EDM Pop category with a slight hint of urban rhythm. As the potent lyrical hooks snare you, the beat progress matching the ferocity of the UK based artists expressively resonant vocal style. One things for sure, once Things Will Change fades to a close it will stay with you long after for more reasons than one.

You can check out Tina Heart’s latest single Things Will Change for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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