Timeless Sounds for a Modern World

Multi-Instrumental Manuel Milano is the perfect example of the world becoming a small place, a global village where cultures cross and new blends of music are being fashioned by the interaction of its inhabitants. Cactus is a lovely slice of Latino flavoured folk music, sung in English by an Italian musician who honed his craft in The United States and now lives and works in The Netherlands. That’s the eclectic world we live in and isn’t it wonderful.

Cactus is one of those songs which makes a serious point about not having to change who you are and the contradictions that we are all built from and does so in a wonderfully gentle and slightly humorous way but it is the wonderful mesh of intricate strings and traditional sounds, timeless European folk and south American grooves that is the real charm of the record and shows Milano to be one to watch in the broad world music genre.

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