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Never Back Down: Savage334 sips on the Henny without the ICE

Keeping it 110% and moving on from those unconsciously lonely nights, Savage334 has been waiting for this precise moment and has kept his head up when others faltered into the night like an empty bottle on ICE.

Savage334 is a 25-year-old South Jersey-raised rapper who flows with so much venom and shall inspire the world with excellent wordplay.

The 334 refers to the direction where he lived all his childhood, he is not only looking to rap, he seeks to propose in different genres, to contribute something to the industry, and really with his latest tracks he is achieving it. Creating music and showing a determined lifestyle to stay down and be disciplined enough to get what we want in this life. Understanding nothing will come easy. Here to show he is determined & disciplined. Grind & Inspire to give hope in moments of pain & hardship. To show even in times of darkness there’s always light.” ~ Savage334

Riding with the real crew who have unearthed themselves away from the fake cats, the elite talent named Savage334 might be the kind of hip-hop act that takes many away from the clutches of desperate alleyways. This is a rather brilliant release and guides us into an assortment of lyrically exceptional bars.

ICE from South Jersey-raised rapper Savage334 is a dynamic gem to turn up and place on repeat. Cool and calm all the way through, we are treated to a frigid reminder of the mental health currently facing us all.

Stunning with a quality soundtrack for anyone who has felt so surreal recently, this is an anthem when a new mindset is needed to stay alive in this strange time for humanity.

Listen up on Spotify for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Ever Follow Me: kai Kyoto wonders why the lies slapped his face on die 4 me

Recollecting a damaged past relationship which sadly faded away into the shadows, kai Kyoto sends chills down many spines on the superbly tailored stunner, die 4 me.

kai Kyoto is an Atlanta, GA-based indie rapper who wants to change the world and instil love in a society where creativity and passion transmit through the gutters and veins of the lost generation.

Just like each and every single one of you, I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not perfect. But best believe I’m trying. If your willing to accept that, then this is kyoto.” ~ kai Kyoto

Gliding us through each sinew of this traumatic moment which changed two lives, kai Kyoto has dropped a sensational soundtrack for us to all learn from. Showing us the fragility of a lost love which promised so much, we are thrilled to the core from a tremendously in-form artist who is only elevating.

die 4 me from Atlanta, GA-based indie rapper kai Kyoto is a rather tranquil melody which will send ears peace where there was war. Closing the door on a past love which burnt away like a fire in the mountains, for us to find a truly embrace-packed track for the ages.

Sung with a delightfully enlightening tone and so much calm energy, this is a sensational release which will leave many millions recalling a time when the kisses stopped.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

World renowned saxophonist legend Lil’ Maceo calms all anxiousness away into the sky on 2MRO

Taken from his upcoming album called Evolution, the much-respected Lil’ Maceo turns all worries away into the westerly wind with a breathtakingly memorable performance to treasure forever on 2MRO.

Lil’ Maceo aka Mr Funky Sax is an award-winning indie jazz saxophonist who is well-known all over the world and performs with masterful class.

Lil’ Maceo has shared the stage with a host of music giants including Prince, Cyndi Lauper, JT Taylor, Maceo Parker, Nick Colionne, Euge Groove, Marcus Johnson, Cyril Neville, Sinbad, and Gavin DeGraw.” ~ Lil’ Maceo

Projected so expertly and with that proficient energy which we mere mortals shall never fully comprehend, Lil’ Maceo is rather illuminating on 2MRO and shall galvanize the world into being a much better place to live.

2MRO from the award-winning jazz saxophonist Lil’ Maceo is a perfect way to spend 6 minutes and 31 seconds. Each note is rather splendidly intertwined deeply within our souls, to float our tired hearts away into a much better place in time. Furnished with a gloriously precise arrangement which will untangle those self-made nets of doom, calming all souls in the process and displaying the actual power of delightful music.

Listen up on SoundCloud. See more via on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Montreal travellers Nöyze knows that the light is required for that true contentness on Guide Me

Showing us what it’s like to be on the road via the expedition to the next festival, Nöyze asks for that bright light to be shone colorfully so that wonderful love may be reunited again on Guide Me.

Nöyze is a Montreal, Canada-based indie 4-piece band who has played all over the world and continues to develop their sound throughout their life experiences.

The band’s initial influences include groups such as Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, the Beatles, etc. With these influences as a starting point, Nöyze has created a sound which is very much its own.” ~ Nöyze

Presenting their harmonious melodies with a relaxing effect that might take you to a time and place that you recall so vividly, Nöyze are in a reflective mood on Guide Me and the Canadian band are in full flight with a marvelously serene single made from the heart.

They have once again taken the old continent by storm in the summer of 2018, playing 27 shows (festivals, theatres and clubs) in 50 days. This 15,000 km cross-country tour took them to France, Germany, England, Scotland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.” ~ Nöyze

Guide Me from Montreal, Canada-based indie 4-piece band Nöyze is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks. This is a peaceful single that will take you profoundly into their mentality that is only focused on that genuine love. Performed by a self-aware outfit who sounds in contemplative form and guide us to that better place, this is a track that you can’t help but truly appreciate.

Sometimes you just need to know that the light is available, so that you may be reconnected to that beautiful soul.

Hear this top song on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The world music sensation Nancita Kapi put us into motion with her standout single, Let’s Ride

Let’s Ride, taken from the sophomore album Chambre Froide/Black Ice, is a fiery introduction to the singer-songwriter Nancita Kapi. The breaking artist takes soul in her harmonic stride and makes world music resonate as even more global with her multilingual lyrics, pop melodies, afrobeat timbre and nuances of dancehall and RnB.

Her infectious energy, almost spiritually high vibes and sun-soaked beats are an indulgent affirmation that when cultures collide, beautiful things happen. After sharing stages with luminaries, such as YAO, Jamice, Jade, Carimi and Kavanda, we do not doubt that Nancita Kapi will celebrate plenty more highlights in her music career. For dopamine’s sake, get her on your radar.

Let’s Ride is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Blowing My Own Trumpet takes us around the world with ‘She’s a Black Snake in My Grass’.

Blowing My Own Trumpet is the latest project by South African Trumpeter Claude Lamon. His culturally cultivated sound is best enjoyed through his latest single, She’s a Black Snake in My Grass, featuring his daughter Josephine Lamon, which comprises elements of folk, rock, and African rhythms.

The vibrantly rich soundscape uses jazzy piano motifs around brass and the male and female layered vocals that pull together to celebrate their love for the land and the heritage that made their ground-breaking roots-based sound possible.

She’s a Black Snake in My Grass is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Blowing My Own Trumpet bring the sounds of Africa with ‘Umsindo’.

South African-hailing newcomers Blowing My Own Trumpet keep it in the family with their band formation; with their sound, they explore folk and Latino through tribal African rhythms. You’ll feel a rise in the temperature as soon as you hear the first few sun-bleached notes in the wholesomely eclectic track that will happily act as a guide to warmer climates for anyone who needs an escape from the cold chill of the UK winter.

Umsindo was the first track released from the band’s debut album of the same title. Umsindo, the single, is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Those Late Nights: Blowing My Own Trumpet bring us a welcome cross-genre new single about her ‘Spanish Eyes’

Taken off the debut album called ‘Umsindo‘, Blowing My Own Trumpet heal our innocence with the Latino/folk-flavored new single about her ‘Spanish Eyes‘.

Blowing My Own Trumpet is a terrific family band featuring the works of South African Trumpeter Claude Lamon. With so much variety and and a loving sound, they make music to entertain and to help us think of fun moments that inspire us again.

This is the story of her striking eyes that distracts the room, as her long flowing dress has everyone watching her each move. The night is dark with the drinks flowing and the chatter is on full volume, with the crowd enjoying their evening to the maximum.

The cheerful soundscape is so tremendous and you can feel the close bond between them, as the flowing energies transfix into your mind and make you smile again. This is a song that is a refreshing distraction from current times, with an immense variety of instruments and features a sweetly-voiced singer, who puts your mood into a better one instantly.

Spanish Eyes‘ from the quality family act Blowing My Own Trumpet, is a world song that puts you into a good place, as you are placed into a happy trance of cross-cultured sounds that reminds you that happy and joyful times, are just around the corner.

Stream this new track on YouTube and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The last ten months: Katja von Bauske encourages us to stay strong while starting again on ‘Close My Eyes’

Whilst walking around seeing the wild world for herself, Katja von Bauske brings us an inspirational message about thinking for ourselves on the cinematic new single ‘Close My Eyes‘.

Katja von Bauske is a mesmerizing World folk/pop artist from Hamburg, Germany. She brings us a poignant global four minute track of so much realness born from the last ten months of a crazy roller coaster ride, that has been upside down from normal reality.

This is the story about how the world is in a mess right now, small businesses are struggling and we need this pandemic to end sooner rather than later. Through her footsteps and seeing this for herself, you get the picture about the misinformation, sadness and how small businesses really suffer the most from all of this, while science gets disregarded.

Close My Eyes‘ from the superlative talent of Katja von Bauske, is an ear-bending track that makes you think deeply and opens your eyes further inside. She reflects the current world through her ten month journey, which is scary and courageous at the same time.

During these extremely stressful times, we all have to be stronger and open minded, reading and learning to make our own minds up. Life has changed forever but through self-awareness, you can ride above the tide and keep your head above water.

Watch this magnificent artist here on YouTube and support her journey here on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ReHumanise has released their arcanely eclectic single ‘The Sacred Realm of Sokar’

Embark on a tribally psychotropic journey with the latest release, ‘The Realm of Sokar’, from Irish producer and composer ReHumanise (Damian Brady).

With Eastern and West African rhythms, shamanic influence and the beguiling sitar chimes sitting alongside synths, this cultural smorgasbord transcends what Western music alone could in terms of rhythmic transfixion.

The soul-inspired grooves and hypnotically mellifluous progressions of the Folk single are instantaneously accessible through the infusion of Indie and Rock which will simultaneously remind you of Beck, Hozier and the Stone Roses, but rest assured, The Realm of Sokar is far too arcane to offer even a hint of assimilation.

If you don’t really consider yourself a spiritual person, you may feel otherwise inclined once this stunning release eased to a quiescent close.

The Sacred Realm of Sokar is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast