The Party is Over ? Anything but!

Country music can often seem to be full of predictable pitfalls and calculated cliche, a tried, tested and popular genre which sometimes uses that comfort zone to play it safe. But away from the rhinestones and glitter of Music City’s main thoroughfares there are artists who paint very different pictures even whilst using the same palette of musical colours.

Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers explore wonderful new ways of blending the genre with contemporary rock and even some deft pop hooks and mainstream sensibilities. The result is a song built of sweeping country rock guitars, rich harmonies and a mix of confident riffs, poetic lyrics and clever musical detail, and an accessibility which will have the most fervent pair of country boots stepping and stomping but which will also get the pop sneakers on the move too.

The Party Is Over from their debut album Puppets With My Heart, conforms enough for the purists to love it but still manages to break enough rules for the new wave of alt-country and roots rock fans to find much to their tastes. The Party is Over ironically that when it comes to a new lease of life for country music, the party has only just begun.

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