Latin Jazzy soul perfectly nurtured with ‘Only Me And You’ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller is a lovely new entry into 2020 and this mellow love song is an ode to wanting that special moment.

Saudy Familia is a New York based singer-songwriter, producer and composer who has a lovely style that is soaked full of latin jazz that is so soulfully aware. The pioneers of music in his family were his father and his uncle. Each born in the Dominican Republic, his father was a pianist and singer while his uncle was a percussionist. Music is in this artist’s veins.

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller comprises some peaceful guitar skills and stunning vocals. These two are a wonderful duo and you can feel the love in this song. This is all about wanting that special time with that one person. This is a story that we can all relate to.

Stream this peaceful new song here on Spotify.

Find out more on the act here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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