The Fabulous Red Diesel add some stunning jazz to our lives on ‘Mama Josie Said – The Queensbury House Session’

The Fabulous Red Diesel return with a jazz-filled gem with ‘Mama Josie Said – The Queensbury House Session‘.

The Fabulous Red Diesel are all about original off the wall jazz-fusion, funky mayhem, flute and sparkly tuba soul. This style of music is such a fine way to get over 2020 due to the authenticity that the band shows. You don’t get too many bands like this anymore. The whole band seems perfectly in sync and play with such joy and happiness. After starting to play together in Hastings in 2006, this eclectic gaggle of musical inventors have been creating their own brand of jazz and acoustic soul that lights up the stage and our hearts. This is fine music that can be enjoyed by all humans- young and old.

This is a conversation between the amazing singer Mama Josie & the band. This happened while they were working some harmonies out at the rehearsal space in Queensbury House.

The Fabulous Red Diesel are a fine jazz band with lots of offer as they cruise in with a stunning song called ‘Mama Josie Said – The Queensbury House Session‘. I love this song and this has calmed down my heart in this wold full of madness.

Stream here via the Soundcloud link and enjoy the jazzy vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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    9 May 2021 at 8:42 am

    Thank you to Mama Josie for the music. Many years ago I was in The Dripping Spring listening to my Dad playing and out of nowhere her beautiful voice sang Summertime. I have loved that song ever since.

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