The Dark Sky: Finnish rock band Antivalent knows that there is nothing left on ‘Heavy’

As the infuriating quarrels become too much to handle and the love wanes away like a broken boat sinking into the cold sea below and capsizing dramatically, Antivalent navigates us into an all-too-familiar sad story about how that close bond can shatter into half on ‘Heavy‘.

Antivalent is a pulsating Seinäjoki, Finland-based indie alt-rock act that burns a fiery fuel all over your inquisitive speakers that lights up your imagination on each one of their ear-piercing releases.

Slicing the rampaging riffs with so much skill and preciseness, there is also brilliant vocal electricity on offer to relish from your new favourite band Antivalent. Bringing us a track that is so enjoyable to listen to despite the harrowing story of a breakup that probably had to transpire, there is so much spark-filled exuberance on offer here from an outfit that is quite outstanding on this weighty track.

Heavy‘ from the splendid Seinäjoki, Finland-based alt-rock band Antivalent, is a high-powered performance that is quite unforgettable. Featuring visuals that leads you into the whole story to maximum effect, there is an aspect of sadness but also a relief when it’s all over that is certainly realistic. Sometimes we all just need a break from the constant soulless heartbreak, that can destroy the minds of even the strongest.

See their new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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