The 27s slide in slowly with sensually dangerous ”Secrets”

You care for her greatly but feel like you will always be the sideman. You know it’s wrong to be with her but can’t get enough of her. When she calls you answer quickly. How long will this lust last for is the question? Will he ever find out about you?

The 27s are a fairly new act and have been slowly built up their band profile with consistent releases that pleasure our senses. This Pop/Hip Hop act are back with the visuals for ”Secrets”. This is a steamy single that is so full of secret sauce that it would fit in well in a romance thriller. The story is about being with that girl that you shouldn’t be with but are anyway. This dangerous liaison is exciting but you are tired of being number two. You want to be the main guy.

Secrets” is a solid song that raises some interesting visuals for those who are involved like this or want to be. The young duo The 27s are surely on the radar of music promoters with their brand of music that is fun to listen to and growing fans all the time.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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