Tha Third I Releases Hip-Hop Track ‘Pushing Along’

They Don’t make’em like them anymore. This is exactly what I thought when I started listening to “Pushing Along”, the new exciting single release from Tha Third I. This amazing tracks embodies the gritty textures and lush power of great old school hip-hop. Everything in this mix is organic and spot-on, from the soulful guitar loops to the blanket of vinyl sound and the roomy drum beats.

The vocals are dry and natural, far from some of the over-processed flow of modern-day rap. There is a great sense of human feel to this song, which showcases an affinity with other genres such as jazz and old school R&B – if not in terms of sound, certainly in terms of feel.

If you enjoy the work of artists such as Erik B & Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest or Wu-Tang Clan, there is no way you will not absolutely enjoy this track!


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