Alt-Rock Artist Mandi Crimmins Proves Her Pensively Raw Prowess with Latest Single “Ashes”

Mandi Crimmins

“Ashes” is the latest single from up and coming Boston-based singer-songwriter Mandi Crimmins, while her earlier releases packed an emotive punch, with Ashes it’s practically pensive aural warfare.

With Ashes, Mandi Crimmins moved away from her Heavy Rock sound to orchestrate a striking Alt Rock ballad complete with unflinchingly powerful vocals, and a deeply intricate progressive soundscape. While the prelude to Ashes starts out with a tentative piano melody, by the time you hit the chorus, you’re in the midst of a momentous soundscape fraught with chaos, intensity, and authentic passion.

With vocals sharing reminiscences with the likes of both Kate Bush and Amy Lee of Evanescence, Mandi Crimmins’ vocals are as arrestive as they come, and the instrumentals also do their fair share of emotional wreckage in this track.

You can listen to Ashes for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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