Jahfeezus Releases Hip-Hop Track “Higher Learning”

There’s always this stone-cold trait and Mr. tough guy attitude that surrounds a lot of Hip-Hop / Rap music artiste generally, but when you look beyond what there is to be seen in situation such like this one, you’ll discover that the sight of what you will behold ain’t gonna live up to your expectation about most of these rap artiste.
Even till this day, many music fanatics will automatically perceive any raw rapper as the real deal, well; to me, the case is entirely different. Yeah, I know, it all boils down to preference and whatever rocks each individual’s boat.

Sometimes what is sauce for the goose ain’t always gotta be sauce for the gander; it might even be far worse for the gander. The recognition of this fact is what distinguishes the micro and macro in the music industry. Jahfeezus style of rap is quite different from the norm and that’s what uniqueness depicts.
Without massaging or bruising no man’s ego, Jahfeezus might as well be one of the next best lyrists just right after Kendrick and J.cole.

The flow of this song, the tone and the well-penned lyrics will make you to further wonder if Jahfeezus is Kendrick Lamar’s clone or rather his musical doppelganger.
For a feel of some cool rap music with an insightful message, be sure to go check out Jahfeezus’s “Higher Learning”.


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